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Social Impact Investing: Strategies and Implications for the Future.

Share Your Time

While we highly encourage you to attend our wide variety of conferences and events, there are ample ways to take a more active role in shaping the future of the School and our students.

Advisory Board Membership -  Each of our Centers of Excellence receive welcome direction and participation from Advisory Board members. Depending upon your interest and expertise, we encourage you to learn more by visiting their respective sites:

Dean’s Leadership Circle – The Dean’s Leadership Circle is one of Orange County’s premier business networks. While the majority of members are alumni, this high-powered network is made up of successful business leaders, faculty, staff, and friends of UC Irvine and the Merage School. Members receive many benefits and are kept up-to-date through exclusive events and communications and are also given the opportunity to share their thoughts and recommendations with the Dean, faculty, and administration. Learn more.

Corporate Partners Program -  By maintaining a high level of quality involvement, Corporate Partners play a critical and influential role in the future positioning of The Paul Merage School of Business as a world-class institution. The Corporate Partners Program helps stimulate involvement among a diverse mix of companies and seasoned professionals, ranging in size from small firms to large corporations. Each member company offers a unique perspective on contemporary management challenges, and each offers answers and insights for the future through lively dialogue. Learn more.

Management Intern Program
- Interns are employed in administrative positions by local businesses, public agencies, educational institutions, and government entities. Interns receive salaries from their employers, and may earn course credit through the Field Study Projects Program. If you are interested in participating, contact our MBA Career Center.

Field Study Projects
- The Field Study Projects let students test their classroom
learning against business reality, and put to immediate work the knowledge and skills they have garnered. While an independent program, a field study project can supplement the internship experience, offering a forum for further discussion and consideration of that work experience and the issues that arise within it. Most often, field study projects are required within a course for class credit. If you are interested in participating, contact our MBA Career Center.

Day-on-the-Job - This program enables a small group of students to spend up to a day with a particular organization, and to meet with staff ranging from newly hired employees to top-level management. Through presentations, facility tours and conversations, students gain insight into the daily operation of the firm, its philosophy, and its design. If you are interested in participating, contact our MBA Career Center.

Distinguished Speakers Series - Corporate leaders - local, regional, national, and international - visit The Paul Merage School of Business for a candid exchange with students and the local business community about leadership, sustainability, innovation and many other business topics. Past speakers have included Cynthia Harriss, Executive Vice President, Disneyland Resort; Larry Holt, National Vice President, Lucent Technologies; Bob McKnight, Chairman & CEO, Quicksilver Corporation; and Charles Martin, General Partner, VenureLab LLC. This series is managed by the Center for Leadership and Team Development. For the 2010 schedule and details, click here.

The Executive Mentoring Program - The mission of the Executive Mentoring Program at The Paul Merage School of Business is to provide students with an opportunity to seek advice and guidance about careers and their personal and professional skills by fostering relationships between students and experienced business people. Each student-executive pair grow their relationship to the extent they deem appropriate. The partnership between a mentor and protege is built upon trust, respect, and professionalism. Specifically, as a mentor the role is one of coach, guide, motivator, advisor, and role model. Mentors have the opportunity to share knowledge about specific jobs, provide constructive feedback about a mentee's interpersonal and presentation skills, and give guidance about how to conduct oneself in business settings. This program is managed by the Center for Leadership and Team Development. For information on the Executive Mentoring Program, click here.

Classroom Speakers - Match your expertise with ours by serving as a classroom speaker. Our professors are often looking for corporate guest speakers in their courses. Contact us.