Management Minor

The Paul Merage School of Business faculty offers an undergraduate minor in Management which consists of seven courses. In addition, prerequisites include one lower-division microeconomics course (ECON 20A), and one statistics course or one sequence selected from the following: ANTHRO 10A-B-C, ENGRCEE11, ECON 15A-B, MGMT 7, STATS 7, STATS 8, STATS 67, MATH 131A-B-C, SOCECOL 13, PSYCH 10A-B-C, SOC SCI 9A-B-C, SOC SCI 10A-B-C, SOCIOL 10A-B-C. Management 1 serves as a prerequisite and also counts as one of the seven courses required for the minor. Transfer students should check with their college counselor for established equivalencies for these prerequisite courses. NOTE: Individual courses that students may select within the minor may require additional prerequisites, including MATH 2A.

In establishing the undergraduate minor in Management, the faculty anticipated three types of students to be drawn to courses in administration: (1) students who wish to learn about the management of organizations as a way of preparing for a career in business, (2) students preparing for careers in other fields that require some knowledge of management, and (3) students who expect to go on to graduate work in management who wish early guidance and undergraduate work appropriate to this career objective.

Students are eligible to apply for the minor in Management if they have completed all prerequisite courses (including Management 1) with a grade no lower than C (2.0) and have upper-division standing. Completion of the prerequisite courses does not guarantee admission to the minor in Management. Admission is on a competitive basis and students must submit an application, transcripts, and a statement of purpose. Applications are accepted on a quarterly basis. Interested students are encouraged to obtain further information from the Undergraduate Programs Office located in SB2 Suite 202.

Requirements for the Undergraduate Minor in Management

Please refer to the UC Irvine Catalogue.

Any student who will reach upper-division standing by the quarter for which they are applying, and who has completed or is currently completing all necessary prerequisites, is eligible to apply. There are a limited number of students admitted to the minor each quarter. Students from all majors are encouraged to apply.

When should I apply?

Students should apply in the quarter that they plan to complete all the program prerequisite requirements. Please be advised that applications are processed ONCE per quarter. The application deadline is Friday of the 6th week of the quarter (at 5:00 p.m.).

When will I be notified?

Applicants that meet the deadline are notified of their admission status via email by the end of the quarter.


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