BA in Business Administration

Students are required to complete 10 business courses that provide a foundation in essential core business competencies,
followed by a minimum of 10 business electives selected from emphases. Students select a minimum of one of seven emphases in Accounting, Finance, Health Care Management, Information Systems, Marketing, Operations and Decision Technologies, and Organization and Management. This program of study enables students to develop areas of focus as they pursue the Business Administration major. Because much business is conducted on a global scale, students are required to either participate in the University's Education Abroad Program or to take one of a number of designated courses that stresses the international dimension of a business area.

While academic course content is crucial to an undergraduate business major, auxiliary noncurricular programs also are important to students' academic experience. The Merage School incorporates a co-curricular element into the classroom experience. Drawing from Merage School and University resources, students are exposed to opportunities to enhance communication and presentations skills, attend formal speaker events, and engage in informal mentoring. The Merage School faculty is committed to ensuring that undergraduate majors have ample opportunity to enhance their writing and presentation skills through class assignments and a business communication elective. In addition, students can participate in a business writing program, where they can work with a writing consultant to further improve their writing skills.

Students are strongly encouraged to become involved with the clubs that comprise the Merage Undergraduate Student Association (MUSA). MUSA consists of several student organizations. These high-profile student groups promote interaction between students and the surrounding business community through their Corporate Speaker Series, social activities, and student/employer receptions. Students with an entrepreneurial interest are invited to participate in the annual business plan competition.

Work experience is an important way to learn about business and management. UC Irvine's Internship Program, sponsored by the Career Center, can assist students in finding opportunities to work in either voluntary or paid positions in business, nonprofit, or industrial settings. Students who plan to enter business or apply to a graduate school of business or management in the future will find it necessary to supplement their academic work with a variety of practical experiences.

Another opportunity is UC Irvine's Undergraduate Administrative Intern Program, which offers selected students the opportunity to assume one-year positions under the guidance of University administrators. Students can choose from a range of offices in which they will be asked to undertake special projects specifically related to the management and administration of UC Irvine and higher education in general. These internships are supplemented by a two-quarter management seminar and by field trips to administrative conferences such as meetings of The Regents of the University of California.