Why Choose Merage?

The undergraduate Business Administration program at The Paul Merage School of Business educates students to understand and apply the theories and concepts of effective business and management and prepares students for a wide variety of careers and life experiences. Business Administration majors can pursue careers in the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors or can proceed on to graduate school in several disciplines including business, economics and law. The program provides a broad learning experience in a multidisciplinary and global context and focuses on the development of essential managerial skills, especially critical thinking, quantitative and qualitative analysis, and effective communication skills.

The Business Administration major at The Paul Merage School of Business offers a traditional business curriculum similar to those at other top business schools in the country. The major is broad, drawing on the social sciences more generally to study organizations, interpersonal communication skills, individual and group behavior, leadership, strategy, financial and accounting issues, ethics, information technology, marketing and a variety of other topics in the content of a rapidly changing global environment.

The faculty strongly encourages majors to create an educational program composed of courses within and outside the Merage School that provide substance and focus to their careers and enable them to pursue their own personal interests. While preparing students for careers in management, the Merage School, through academic advising, will help students fashion an undergraduate program that they can tailor to their own unique career objectives. Examples of programs of study that allow Business Administration majors to blend management education with specific industry areas include (but are not limited to) bioscience business, government service, international commerce, arts management, entrepreneurship in computer gaming, and other combinations. Through appropriate choice of courses, students can prepare to pursue a law degree, a master's degree in a variety of areas, or a doctoral program in business or related disciplines.

Students will also have the opportunity to participate in campus organizations, internship opportunities and study abroad programs.  These opportunities will help students develop a holistic portfolio of knowledge that extends outside of the classroom.  Students at the Merage School will develop the skills needed for innovative and sustainable careers of the future.