Dean's Quarterly Spring 2012
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Fostering Creative Collaboration

Fostering Creative Collaboration
CritWalls is an efficient and intuitive online platform
to discuss and collaborate on visual projects.

After winning 1st place in the 2011 Business Plan Competition at UC Irvine and being awarded $15,000 for their efforts, the CritWalls team -- made up of four 2011 MBA alumni including Johnny Liao, Tina Lodovico, Josh Wu and Tao Zhang – took their business on the road. They arrived at their destination on February 6, 2012, when CritWalls was officially launched on the Internet.

"The idea is simple. CritWalls lets you share and critique designs online as beautifully and as effectively as if everyone had met in person," said Josh Wu, who now serves as chief marketing officer for CritWalls. "Through this program, we are changing the way designers, artists, and businesses work together."

CritWalls is a vir tual critique wall designed for creative individuals who wish to collaborate without being stifled by emails and PDFs. Just like pinning print outs on a wall, CritWalls functions by allowing users to post visual files on a vir tual wall and arrange them how they like. Projects can be shared simultaneously with an entire team, and each team member can experience the projects and ideas the way they would in person.

"We designed the entire experience around the idea of a ‘wall,' whether it's for posting images, critiquing them, or sketching on them," said CritWalls CEO Johnny Liao.

"By using CritWalls, your entire team can now be a part of a conversation. It is per fect for creating storyboards, inspiration boards, and presentations."

CritWalls is a subscription-based program priced on a sliding scale depending upon storage requirements. The first .5 GB are free. Beyond that, the price ranges from $9 for 5 GB to $99 for 95 GB. Visit to find out more and experience it for yourself.

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