Dean's Quarterly Winter 2012
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Merage School Hosts Urban Research Day

The Center for Real Estate at the Merage School sponsored the third annual Urban Research Day in October 2011. Researchers from UC Irvine, UCLA, UC Riverside, California State University, Fullerton, and the University of Southern California, converged to present inspiring, sometimes controversial, research sessions on topics ranging from politics to traffic congestion, taxes, zoning and land prices.

"Every year our Center sponsors a research symposium focused on current topics. This year topics included issues surrounding the housing crisis and the recovery of the commercial market," said Professor Kerry Vandell, director of the Merage School Center for Real Estate. "Participating in this event is a valuable opportunity for us to gather with colleagues and examine the breadth of issues being explored related to urban research."

Session topics included:
  • "Race, Politics, and the Pricing of Subprime Mortgages," was presented by Stuart Gabriel and Matthew Kahn from UCLA
  • "Taking the Lie Out of Liar Loans: The Effect of Reduced Documentation on the Performance and Pricing of Alt-A and Subprime Mortgages," was presented by Michael Lacour-Little and Jing Yang from California State University, Fullerton
  • Richard Arnott from UC Riverside presented, "A Bathtub Model of Downtown Traffic Congestion"
  • USC's Jenny Schuetz presented, "Are Art Galleries Leading or Lagging Indicators of Gentrification?"
  • Michelle White, DariaBurnes, and David Neumark from UC Irvine presented, "Fiscal Zoning and Sales Taxes: Do Higher Sales Taxes Lead to More Retailing and Less Manufacturing?"
  • Steven Oliner, Joseph Nichols, and Michael Mulhall, from the Federal Reserve Board and UCLA presented, "Swings in Commercial and Residential Land Prices in the United States."

Urban Research Day offers researchers the opportunity to expose their work to peers for feedback and to discussants for critique prior to formally submitting the papers to professional journals for publication.

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