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The conference provides a unique venue for dialogue among government officials, business leaders, and academics who share their perspectives and forecasts on key issues which impact the health care industry. Health care politics, economic policies, and research in a number of different areas will be expertly assessed. This is an opportunity to learn about public and private sector health care trends and policies, and to go gain insight into how the economics and politics of health care will be impact business organizations.

2008 marks the first time in 12 years that the U.S. Congress has had a Democratic majority. The politics and the debate surrounding the Iraq war, insuring the uninsured and Medicare Reform will take on new dimensions as the House and Senate change leadership.

Several states have taken bold steps in health care reform. Massachusetts and Florida have enacted new legislation, and the Governor of California is planning to propose new legislation to reduce the number of uninsured in California by half.

On another front, innovations in new technologies are transforming health care delivery. Big employers plan to use electronic health records. These new technologies will have great impact on the future of medicine and on how health care services are delivered.

The dynamics of the new political realignment in Congress, as well as a strategic outlook for the health care market will be discussed by industry experts at our sixteenth annual Health Care Forecast Conference.