CHINA'S BRIDGE TO THE FUTURE Metaphorically, building bridges of understanding, cooperation, and learning between the US and China is the Institute's primary goal.
CELEBRATING THE KEYS TO THE FIRST OFFICE In more ways than one, John Long holds the key to the Institute, together with founding directors John Graham and Archie Kleingartner.
CELEBRATION DINNER Fudan University Dean Xiongwen Lu welcomes University of California leaders to Shanghai for a first-night banquet.
SIGNING CEREMONY MARKS FIRST INSTITUTE COLLABORATION Benefactors John and Marilyn Long (center) are flanked by all those who help to develop and commemorate such a successful partnership.
MEETING OF THE MINDS John Long and Fudan University Dean Xiongwen Lu share a moment at the end of an exciting day.
BI-LATERAL PANEL DISCUSSES FUTURE OF INSTITUTE Professor Woo Chia-wei, founding president of the renowned Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, moderates panel.
POINTS MADE DURING PANEL DISCUSSION UC Irvine School of Law Dean Erwin Chemerinsky speaks to the importance of the Institute as Fudan University Dean Xiongwen Lu agrees.
PRESS CONFERENCE A PART OF THE CEREMONIES Fudan University Dean Xiongwen Lu and John Long answer questions from the audience and the world press.
TOASTING THE NEW COLLABORATION Marilyn Long raises a glass with the deans from both UC Irvine and Fudan University at the post-signing ceremony banquet.
TRADITIONAL CHINESE DANCE Banquet guests were honored with a traditional Chinese dance to bring prosperity to the group.
THE UC IRVINE ENTOURAGE IN SHANGHAI Deans, directors, faculty and spouses join Marilyn and John Long on a tour of historic Yu Yuan pavilions.
ENJOYING A CULTURAL TOUR Merage School Dean Andy Policano and Law School Dean Erwin Chemerinsky were treated to a tour of the famous Yu Yuan Gardens.
CHINESE GUARDIAN LION IS SYMBOL OF PROTECTION Marilyn Long and Merage School Professor Mary Gilly pause to pick up good luck for the Signing Ceremony.
EXPLORING CHINA UCI Law School Assistant Dean Charles Cannon, the Long Family, and Professor Archie Kleingartner outside the famous "bird's nest" stadium.

"We are at a unique moment in the history of our two countries in which it is especially important to build bridges between them in business and law. And in each country, the legal system provides a unique framework within which business can flourish."
Erwin Chemerinsky
Dean of the School of Law
at UC Irvine

Established as a premier research entity to facilitate and further develop important relationships between the U.S. and China as related to commerce and law.

Our Vision

The John & Marilyn Long U.S.- China Institute for Business and Law at UC Irvine has been established as a premier research entity to facilitate and further develop important relationships between the U.S. and China as related to commerce and law. The Long U.S.- China Institute will foster understanding and respect leading to an atmosphere of equality and mutual benefit between the two nations.

Mission Statement

The Long U.S.- China Institute will create a bi-lateral, open, and public platform by which Chinese and American scholars, industry leaders, policy makers and practitioners can connect, share ideas and foster broader understanding of the policy, business, legal and related social/economic challenges and opportunities that engage and affect them.

Executive Summary

The Long U.S.- China Institute will advance research and industry applications, and disseminate the results through teaching and publications as well as through policy and industry outreach (via leadership summits and seminars). As such, the activities of the Institute will focus on the following objectives:
  • The Institute will serve as a bridge for cross-cultural dialogue, an unbiased platform for understanding and promoting U.S.-China business and legal relations, and a think tank for local, national and global constituencies and stakeholders on both sides of the Pacific.
  • The Institute will constitute a neutral platform for fostering understanding and respect with the goal of promoting the development of laws and policies that ensure a balanced playing field for business, and for the not-for-profit and philanthropic sectors.
  • The Institute will stimulate and support academic and applied research efforts within UC Irvine and among the University of California campuses, and within Chinese universities.
  • The Institute will act as a pragmatic information resource to local, national and global constituencies including business practitioners, leaders in the not-for-profit sector, academics, policy makers, and other relevant stakeholders on both sides of the Pacific Ocean.
  • The Institute will encourage UC Irvine academic units and Chinese university partners to create pathways through which students and mid-level professionals can learn and develop leadership skills in addition to benefiting from research and written content.
  • The Institute will highlight publicly available data sets and promote analyses that seek to serve as a frontline resource for business and the legal community, and will marshal authoritative information resources, including for example, information on general business and legal conditions, competitive and regulatory trends, and evolving attitudes that drive the markets and policies in both countries.

John S. and Marilyn Long

It is with deepest gratitude that the University of California, The Paul Merage School of Business and the School of Law at UC Irvine recognize John and Marilyn Long, whose foresight and generosity made this Institute possible.

John S. Long is the founder and chief executive officer of Highridge Partners, a diversified investment company specializing in identifying, providing capital to, and managing undervalued assets and corporate opportunities related to real estate... Read more