"We are at a unique moment in the history of our two countries in which it is especially important to build bridges between them in business and law. And in each country, the legal system provides a unique framework within which business can flourish."
Erwin Chemerinsky
Dean of the School of Law
at UC Irvine

2012-13 Distinguished Scholar Speaker Series

The John S. and Marilyn Long U.S.-China Institute for Business and Law at UC Irvine is a premier research entity established to facilitate and further develop legal and commercial relationships between the United States and China. The Long Institute will involve chaired professors with extensive expertise in the areas of both business and law as it relates to the two countries.

The Long Institute serves to promote an understanding and engagement between the two economic superpowers. In doing so, the Long Institute will feature events and research involving both scholars and practitioners from various industries engaging in U.S.-China trade.

For more information, please contact Jack Hsu, Executive Director, at 949.824.8851 or jghsu@uci.edu.

Mar 26, 2013
MPAA 120
Bill Alford
Henry L. Stimson Professor of Law, Harvard Law School
Vice Dean for the Graduate Program and International Legal Studies
Director, East Asian Legal Studies (EALS)

"How Law Doesn't and Does Matter for China"
Apr 9, 2013 Peter Yu
Kern Family Chair in Intellectual Property Law,
Drake University Law School
Director, Intellectual Property Law Center

"The Rise of China as an Intellectual Property Power"

Past Speakers

Feb 28, 2013 Chris Marquis
Professor of Business Administration, Marvin Bower Fellow,
Harvard Business School

"Regulatory Uncertainty and Corporate Responses
to Environmental Protection in China
Jan 30, 2013
2:30 pm
Lingyun "Linda" Gao
Professor of Law and Director of International Programs
Fudan University School of Law

"Doing Business in China - Legal Issues and Developments"

China has been playing an increasingly important role in the international market which has attracted many businesses from all over the world. However, owing to her unique cultural and social background and her civil law tradition, it is difficult for foreign business people and their attorneys to fully understand Chinese law and the investment environment. This lecture will introduce the general legal framework regulating foreign investment in China and the issues and new developments in the business law area. It will cover the business forms that foreign investors may take, the industries that Chinese government encourages foreign investors to engage in, and the process of establishing and liquidating a foreign invested enterprise in China.
Jan 16, 2013 Nico Howson
Faculty of Law, University of Michigan

"Corporate Law and Shareholders' Rights
Before the Chinese Judiciary -- Substantive Innovation,
Institutional Autonomy and the Political-Legal Divide
Nov 7, 2012 Henry Gao
Faculty of Law, Singapore Management University

"China's Ascent in Global Trade Governance:
From Rule Taker to Rule Shaker, and Maybe Rule Maker?
Sept 28, 2012 Benjamin van Rooij
Faculty of Law, Amsterdam University
Director, The Netherlands China Law Centre

"Can Law Save China's Environment?"