Social Media Merage

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  • A social networking society devoted to educating students on the many uses of social media.

What is Social Media Merage?

Social Media Merage is committed to three aspects of social media:
  • Social Networking: SMM educates members on the various methods of using social media to interact with friends, classmates, and coworkers. Our goal is to expand understandings of what social networks are and how to get the most out of social connections online.
  • Personal Branding: Social media can be a great resource in the marketing of oneself to potential employers. SMM is committed to providing the tools members need to develop and strengthen their online reputations.
  • Professional Development: In a business enviornment that is increasingly turning to social media the knowledge of social network use on a professional level grows ever more important. SMM provides guidance in the use of social media from a business prospective.

How can I get involved?

Because Social Media Merage is an social networking society getting involved is easy. In addition to scheduled meetings and events in person SMM is a collection of individuals who appreciate online connections and who are active in social networking. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, add us to your cirle on Google+, connect with us on LinkedIn. Log in, join the conversation. Social Media Merage provides the tools to connect Merage students to the people and information that matters most to them.