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Personalized service is a hallmark of the UCI Paul Merage School of Business experience, and it starts with the admissions process. We don’t just look at your academic record, we consider each student’s previous experience and invite you to get to know us as well. It is our job to make sure your investment in education is absolutely worth it. If you are intellectually curious and emotionally intelligent, you will feel at home in a Merage School classroom. Our career services and dedicated faculty ensure that your experience positively impacts your career goals, whether you are preparing for a senior level position, switching a career, or making a move to an new venture.  

At the Merage School, our culture stems from innovative, collaborative and entrepreneurial students working in tandem with faculty and staff who treat our students as individuals with unique career and academic goals. This differentiates us from the competition; you receive the utmost attention and respect.


The Merage School accepts applications on a rolling basis. For full access to scholarships and to secure your spot, we encourage you to apply early. Contact an admissions counselor for more information. 

Full-Time MBA 11/1, 12/1, 2/1*, 4/1
Flex MBA Spring: 10/15, 12/1, 2/1; Fall: 12/1, 2/1, 4/1, 6/1, 7/15
MBA for Executives 12/1, 2/1, 4/1, 6/1
Master of Finance 10/15, 11/15, 1/15, 3/1*, 5/1, 6/1
Master of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 10/15, 11/15, 1/15, 3/1*, 5/1, 6/1
Master of Professional Accountancy 8/15, 11/15, 1/15, 3/1*, 5/1, 6/1
Master of Science in Business Analytics 10/15, 11/15, 1/15, 3/1*, 5/1, 6/1
Master of Science in Biotechnology Management 11/1, 12/1, 2/1, 3/15
Doctoral Programs 1/4
Undergraduate Programs See UCI Admissions Dates & Deadlines

*Deadline for international students

†Deadline for domestic students needing pre-requisite courses