The Merage School Experience

Your alumni experience does not begin at graduation – your journey begins the moment you enroll at The Paul Merage School of Business. The value-added offerings to our alumni community provide a range of engagement opportunities for you to stay involved with the School and are available year-round.

Alumni Ambassadors

As an alum of The Paul Merage School of Business, you understand firsthand the significance your degree provides. Your knowledge and experiences give you the tools needed to be a valuable resource as a Merage School alumni ambassador. Ambassadors play a key role to connect and build relationships with fellow alumni, students, business leaders and others that want to make an impact in the community and at the School.

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Speaking Opportunities

Our alumni business leaders have the chance to expose students to real-world life experiences and allow them to connect the theory they learn in the classroom to the tangible application of the business world. By sharing your experiences and career achievements with our students, you can give them the confidence and ambition they need to succeed in their studies and future careers.

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Be a Mentor

In partnership with the Career Center, the mentoring program is intended to bring experienced mentors, alumni and Merage School graduate students together so that they can obtain valuable knowledge beyond the classroom instruction.

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Hire Merage School Talent

Connect with our Career Center for access to our
exceptional student talent through the following activities:

  • Recruiting and Interviews
  • Information Sessions
  • Informal “coffee chats”
  • Resume Reviews
  • Share job openings with our student and alumni community


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Networking Events

Career, industry-focused or social networking events assist the Merage School community in leveraging their professional skills and engaging with alumni, students, and business leaders. Merage School alumni can share their knowledge and expertise by participating in the following:

  • MerageFirst Industry Nights
  • Panel/Speaker Discussions
  • Company-Specific Interview Preparation
  • Corporate Site Visits

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Student Engagement

The Merage School alumni community can make a difference in the lives of our student body. The Alumni Experience Center strives to enhance the student experience by connecting our alums with current and prospective students.

A few opportunities include:

  • Student Organizations on Campus
  • Student Recruitment and Admissions
  • Student Centric Networking Events

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Student Consulting Program

The Merage School Student Consulting Program brings immediate impact to your organization through hundreds of hours of top-notch graduate student work, at no financial cost. Specializing in strategy, marketing, operations, data analytics, finance, innovation, entrepreneurship, human capital and more, our student teams bring a unique approach to your most challenging questions and biggest opportunities. Our students provide real consulting services for real issues faced by businesses in the digital economy.

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