Invest in Yourself

All that attracted you to the Merage School for higher education continues to add value when you advance in your career and grow professionally. These opportunities allow access to the School's myriad of resources that can propel you forward in your development.

Alumni Enrollment

The Paul Merage School of Business Alumni Enrollment Program provides MBA alumni the opportunity of lifelong learning.

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Conference & Keynote Events

Conferences bring together people with common interests to discuss real world topics and themes related to specific industries. At the Merage School, our conferences host several tracks and panels featuring expert speakers. Our alumni and community members can network and learn from industry leaders as they share their experiences, engage in conversations, and gain valuable insights outside of a traditional setting.

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Faculty-led Research Projects

As alumni, there are three main ways to engage in research at the UCI Paul Merage School of Business.

  1. Commission Custom Research: Discover industry insights or specific topics that are of strategic interest to your organization. Our world-class faculty can design a custom research engagement that is tailored to meet the investigation questions that you are aiming to discover. Faculty and research fees apply.

  2. Research Access Support: Support our faculty and Ph.D. students with their research by providing confidential access to your organization as a critical resource for quantitative and qualitative data collection, observation, interviews, etc.

  3. i2Hub: Ideation & Innovation Collaboratory: Gain access to a team of UCI faculty and interdisciplinary master's students to develop innovation proof of concepts (POCs) for your organization to leverage generative Ai and Web3 technologies. Membership fees apply (Alumni discounts available).


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Leadership Development Institute (Certificate Programs)

Our mission at the Leadership Development Institute, is to focus on developing leaders at all levels and enabling effective organizational leadership. We understand that the competencies and challenges faced at each leadership level are unique and cumulative as one advances within their responsibilities and scope. We have developed our solutions to mirror and support the advancement and flow of this pipeline through our open enrollment and custom programs.

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