The Merage School Career Center is focused on your success. Whether it is in the form of matching our highly accomplished students to the right career or providing access to a pool of talented and diverse candidates, making strategic connections is at the core of our mission.

Students: Building Career Resiliency

Specific career services differ by program, but regardless of which degree you are pursuing you can expect personalized attention and a focus on building career resilience, helping you achieve your goals. All of our students receive:

  • Career Education – Assessment and evaluations, clarification of career goals and plans, help paving your career path, tips on resumes, networking, interviewing, negotiating and more
  • Career Coaching – Personalized attention across the board, professional career advice from an advisor  who supports you throughout the process
  • Career Connections – Extensive global network, engaged alumni peers, employment and networking events

Corporations & Recruiters: Hiring Top Talent

Gain access to our highly qualified network of professionals to fill your company’s needs. Connect with us to discuss the best recruiting strategy for your organization.

Alumni: Value for a Lifetime

As part of the Merage School network, your career continues to be our priority. See Alumni Career Management for more information.