Talent to Fit Your Diverse Business Needs

The Merage School offers a digitally influenced curriculum designed to focus on three important areas: strategic innovation, information technology, and analytics-based decision-making. Our students’ educational experience centers on understanding the future of business and the digital impact that will confront your company.

Whether you are new to recruiting at the Merage School, or you have been a long-time partner, our goal is to help you solve your business challenges through strategic talent acquisitions. Our students are prepared on day one to contribute at the highest level within your organization. 

Connecting with Merage School Talent

There are a variety of ways to connect with Merage School talent on-campus, virtually or at your location. Contact us directly for assistance or create an account on our online recruiting portal, The BRIDGE.


  • Information Sessions – present information about your company prior to interviewing or reviewing resumes
  • Interviews* – convenient, on-campus events where we provide scheduling, parking, and refreshments
  • Club Events – participate in panel discussions, seminars and community events
  • Career Fair* & Career Night – network and/or recruit for talent within our undergraduate, specialty masters and MBA programs
  • Mock Interviews – interview students and give feedback on improving their skills
  • “Day-in-the-Life” Workshops – share industry perspective and job search tactics

Candidate Search

  • The BRIDGE Online Job Postings – post jobs and internships directly
  • The BRIDGE Resume Database – search for candidates any time
  • Resume Collections/Books – pre-screened and targeted resumes that meet specific hiring needs


  • Executive Mentoring – coach students on industry knowledge, business acumen and career paths
  • Applied Consulting – for-credit, 10-week strategic projects for graduating MBA and MS students
  • MSBA and MFin Capstones – faculty-supervised projects focused on data analytics or applied finance

*Virtual Options As Well