What do I need to do to submit an event request?

  • Review the Event Planning FAQ here.
  • If inviting Merage Alumni, review checklist here.
  • Complete the Event Request Form here

How do I obtain a parking pass?

Each MSA Club can request up to two (2) Merage School parking permits per events.

These requests must be emailed to the FTMBA Program office at least one week prior to the event date. If the Merage School parking spaces are not available for the event date and time, MSA Clubs will be responsible for using their own club funds to purchase a parking permit through the UCI Parking Office (

Please include the following information in your parking request:

  • Full name of visitor
  • Company (if applicable)
  • Email
  • Purpose
  • Date
  • Time (permits will be valid 30 minutes before and after event time)
  • MSA Club Name 

Where do I go to get a reimbursement for an event? What items are reimbursable?

Please look at the MSA Event Funding and Reimbursement Policy. If you have further questions, contact the VP of Finance.

What do I need to do to propose a new club?

Create a Business Plan and Charter for the proposed club and contact the VP of Communication to be added to the MSA agenda two weeks before a MSA meeting.

How do I update my club website?

Contact the VP of Technology with proposed changes and he/she will give you further instructions on updating the website.

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