Tsui is a first-generation immigrant to the United States and a first-gen college student in the Fully Employed MBA program at the Merage School.

Rachel Tsui FEMBA ’22 Awarded LD Reyer Scholarship

October 14, 2020 • By The UCI Paul Merage School of Business

Rachel Tsui FEMBA ’22 had just begun the Fully Employed MBA program at the UCI Paul Merage School of Business when she received an unexpected phone call.

When I found out that I had received the first LD Reyer Scholarship I was shocked but of course so happy to hear the news.” explained Tsui.

Tsui is currently serving as an associate finance manager at Edwards Lifesciences, where she supports the company’s financial forecasting process. With her MBA, she’s hoping to leverage her new knowledge of digital transformation in the finance world to become a leader in her field.

“I want to help the business be successful,” said Tsui. “I’m really excited about the tools I’m learning in my classes, especially in finance and digital transformation. There are so many opportunities.”


Tsui and Reyer at a Merage School Scholarship Dinner.


Once Tsui learned about Lisa Dawn (“LD”) Reyer MBA ’94 and her story, she began to see parallels.

“We are both women in finance that love the power of education,” said Tsui.

Tsui and her family came to the United States from Hong Kong when she was 15 years old looking for a brighter future. They had started a garment business in Hong Kong and eventually they were able to grow the business and establish an office in the U.S. 

“We didn’t have a lot of money and we grew up kind of poor,” said Tsui. “But my parents worked hard and they understood that education unlocked so many new opportunities, and they encouraged me and my siblings to study hard.”

Luckily, Tsui loved school and studying and in 2012 she received her bachelor’s in Management Science from UC San Diego. After graduation she worked in accounting before joining the team at Edwards Lifesciences.


Tsui speaks at Merage School Scholarship dinner

Tsui used the funds from the LD Reyer Scholarship to help pay her tuition at the Merage School.

“Being a beneficiary of the LD Reyer Scholarship will enable me to continue to honor my parent’s vision of what education can offer,” she said.

The LD Reyer Scholarship was endowed by Lisa Dawn “LD” Reyer MBA ’94 as part of the Brilliant Future campaign, the largest philanthropic effort in Orange County history. It will continue to be offered on an annual basis and will be awarded to an underrepresented student with high merit and high need. The Brilliant Future campaign at the Merage School aims to advance the American dream, increase access to innovative education and accelerate world-class research.

“I am so pleased to be able to give back to the Merage School through the gift of scholarship,” says Reyer. “It is truly a family tradition to support UCI, and I am proud to champion Dean Spangenberg’s vision for greater access to business education for the underserved.”

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