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The Merage School faculty is ranked consistently high for intellectual capital by all of the major publications.This distinction is based on faculty research in leading academic journals. Below are a few topics our faculty members are ready to address:

Accounting and the SEC

Joanna Ho, Patricia Wellmeyer

Advertising, Marketing

General Subjects
Connie Pechmann

Cigarette and Antismoking Ads: Impacts on Youths
Connie Pechmann

Consumer Behavior and Retail Service
Imran CurrimConnie Pechmann

Consumer Rebates
Connie Pechmann

Product Design
Imran Currim

Government Regulations, Taxes

Business Law
Max Chao

Environmental Management
L. Robin Keller

General Policy Issues
L. Robin Keller

Pollution Regulation
L. Robin Keller

Protection in Nuclear Incidents
L. Robin Keller

Max Chao

Investment, Stock Markets

David Hirshleifer, Chris Schwarz, David Young

Capital Markets
Todd M. Richey


US Economy
David Young


Business Ethics, Organizational Justice
Christopher Bauman

CEOs and Boards of Directors
Philip BromileySue PadernachtMargarethe Wiersema

Collaboration, Teaming, Innovation, Learning
Sue Padernacht

Margarethe Wiersema

Corporate Social Responsibility
Christopher BaumanImran CurrimJoanna Ho

Corporate Strategy, Decision-Making
Christopher BaumanLeonard LaneL. Robin KellerMargarethe Wiersema

Decision Analysis, Risk Analysis
Philip BromileyL. Robin Keller

Performance Evaluation
Christopher BaumanSue PadernachtDevin Shanthikumar

Strategic Management
Philip Bromiley

Mergers, Acquisitions, Anti-trust

David HirshleiferMargarethe Wiersema

Private Equity and Leverage Buyouts
Todd M. Richey


Finance, Banking, Insurance

Behavioral Finance
David HirshleiferDevin Shanthikumar

Corporate Finance
Todd M. Richey

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 
Devin Shanthikumar

International Finance, Exchange Rates
Philippe Jorion

Risk Management
Philippe Jorion, L. Robin Keller

Security Analysts 
Devin Shanthikumar

International Economy, Global Business

Business Negotiations
Christopher Bauman

Cross-Cultural, Cross-National Management
L. Robin Keller

Exchange Rates
Philippe Jorion

Global Economy
Leonard Lane, David Young

International Tax Policy
Terry Shevlin

US Competitiveness in Global Markets
Leonard Lane

Real Estate

Ed Coulson

Housing Policy
Ed Coulson

Market Dynamics
Ed Coulson

Pricing Real Estate Illiquidity
Ed Coulson

Ed Coulson


e-Commerce, e-Business
Vijay GurbaxaniKenneth Kraemer Emeritus

Economics of IT
Vijay Gurbaxani

New Technologies
Vijay Gurbaxani

Outsourcing Tech Work Within the US
Vijay Gurbaxani

Social and Political Impacts of IT
Judy Rosener

Workplace, Employment, Human Resources

Diversity and Women's Issues
Christopher BaumanSue Padernacht

Human Resources Management
Sue Padernacht

Motivating Employees
Christopher BaumanSue Padernacht

Christopher BaumanSue Padernacht

Christopher BaumanSue Padernacht

Christopher BaumanSue Padernacht


Levi Eastwood

Director of Marketing of Communications

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