Located at the heart of Irvine, the UC Irvine campus is just miles away from the industry nucleus of Orange County and is bordered on the west by the Pacific Ocean, on the north by Los Angeles County and on the south by San Diego County. Its warm Mediterranean climate and 42 miles of year-round beaches make it an ideal place to live and work. Of course, the OC is also home to such popular tourist attractions as Disneyland and Surf City, USA, also known as Huntington Beach. Rated one of the safest, best places to live in the United States, the city of Irvine offers an amazing quality of life.

High Caliber of Faculty

The accounting faculty at the Merage School are internationally acclaimed researchers and instructors who care deeply about students learning. The four senior full professors (Ho, Pincus, Teoh and Shevlin) have published extensively in their research areas and Pincus, Teoh and Shevlin all taught at other leading universities before joining the UC Irvine faculty in the past decade.  Professor Ho has spent her entire career at UC Irvine first earning tenure then full professor status. There are also four assistant professors who all joined the faculty in the past 5 years – all earning their PhDs from leading schools (Shantikumar from Stanford, Lourie from University of California, Los Angeles, and Lunawat and Nekrasov both from the University of Minnesota). All the faculty are excellent instructors who constantly win teaching awards and receive high ratings from students. 

Student Ambassadors

Student Testimonials

We prepare students from diverse backgrounds and undergraduate majors - domestic and international - for the demanding accounting profession. Some candidates have work experience while others start the program immediately after completing their undergraduate degree in fields including business administration, social sciences, accounting, and other academic areas. Graduates of the MPAc program have the skills they need to compete and succeed in the global economy. Contact us to connect with a current or past student ambassador and learn more about the MPAc experience. 


Paul Araiza Paul Araiza
Major: Business Administration, Accounting

Erica Bell Erica Bell
Major: Business Administration, Accounting

Matthew LaCascia Matthew (Matt) LaCascia
Major: Business Administration, Accounting

Simone Mendez Simone Mendez
Major: Business, Finance
Minor: Economics

Kristin Nguyen Kristin Nguyen
Major: Business Administration

Kristine Papa Kristine Papa
Major: Business Administration

Travis Purtell Travis Purtell
Major: Business Administration, Accounting


Neal Chuenprateep Neal Chuenprateep
Major: Business Administration, Accounting
Minor: Sociology

Cedric Nguyen Cedric Nguyen
Major: Business Administration, Accounting

Holly Vincenzini Holly Vincenzini
Major: Psychology and Social Behavior

Stephanie Wright Stephanie Wright
Major: Business Administration, Accounting