We understand that our EMBA program demands a significant amount of your time and effort. In the program, you dedicate an average of 10-15 hours a week to your studies in addition to time in the classroom. One of the unique attributes of this program is our full program support. We assist you by taking care of the many details of academic life, in fact, the entire staff is on-site and available to help you when you are here on campus. We serve our students by:

  • Registering and enrolling you in all of your courses
  • Arranging all three residential courses including booking your accommodations
  • Coordinating all meals during scheduled classes
  • Securing parking permits
  • Providing on-going support and academic guidance
  • Conducting a new student orientation for each incoming class
  • Arranging professional development workshops and computing classes
  • Hosting social and networking events

Student Testimonials

profile photo chrisChris Meyer, Class of 2008
Deputy Editor, Orange County Register Communications

“One of the things this professor taught us was not academic, but more of an attitude. He said, ‘You have to want to win and figure out a way to win. You can’t be going for place or show.’”

Choosing Strategic Innovation: UCI has a strong reputation and the Merage School has a focus on strategic innovation. These are two reasons I chose to attend the EMBA program here. When I actually held a silicon wafer chip in IT class, the abstract knowledge I had became more concrete. This technology is used in so many items I use every day, like my cell phone and laptop. The class gave me a greater appreciation for the technology and codes underneath our daily tools.


profile photo gretchenGretchen Bender, Class of 2008
Senior Vice President, US Sales, Global Payments Inc.

"I was able to apply classroom concepts immediately. I received a promotion, and one of my first goals in my new position was to reorganize the sales division. The Organizational Behavior class helped me literally from day one."

Great Faculty Talent: This is a great university and they have great talent here. Many of the professors are not only academics, but they also work in the field. They have applied everything from the classroom. I came into this program with one way of thinking and am leaving with a completely different way of thinking. This program has opened my eyes to this whole world of possibilities.


profile photo ryanRyan Kaneshiro, Class of 2007
Director of Business Analytics and FP&A, Oakley

"The Executive MBA experience is like drinking from a fire hydrant. There is a surge of knowledge coming at you, not just from the textbooks, but from your peers, the environment, and the faculty."

Merage Resources: Now that I have graduated, I still find myself tapping into the resources at the Merage School. I actively recruit for positions, I attend alumni events, and I keep in contact with my peers from class. Today, I could pick up the phone and talk with somebody I trust who is an expert in their field to give me practical advice on a problem.


profile photo stephanie

Stephanie Klein, Class of 2008
Executive Therapeutic Specialist, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals

"Beyond my science background, this program gives me knowledge in a variety of business areas, and that makes me more well-rounded as a person. That is something I take with me whatever organization I am working in."

International Business Experience: In our international residential in China, we were able to tour a pharmaceutical company. It related everything we learned in the classroom to a real-world experience. It has helped me understand what a successful company looks like and how every aspect from manufacturing to sales to accounting relates to profitability. Every decision drives profitability.


profile photo jon

Jon Dvorak, Class of 2009
Manager of Projects and Planning, International Operations, Blizzard Entertainment

"Not only is the school strong nationally in rankings, but also the structure of the program, with two days of classes every two weeks, appealed to me."

Working with Peers: The small group projects have really reinforced my ability to work in a team setting with five other people on my same level. Working with peers, as opposed to with direct or indirect reports, or with my own managers has definitely brought a different dimension to my career. We have a very wide range of experiences, opinions and personalities that really make the program worthwhile. We actually manage to have a good time while going through the often stressful classes.


profile photo jane

Jane Terry, Class of 2009
President/CEO, Ajax Boiler, Inc.

"I firmly believe that in today's fast-paced, global environment, you cannot be one of the premiere competitors without the perspective and insight afforded by this program."

Connecting the Dots: This experience enabled me to compete on a level playing field with the best of my competition. I now understand and utilize data that I used to skim over to comprehend the impact and interpret the significance as it relates to my business. With the set of core competencies I developed in this program, I can now connect the dots and draw my own conclusions. The Merage School has a stellar reputation, and now that I have experienced it, I am delighted to find that it exceeds its own reputation by leaps and bounds.