It’s important to maintain your career performance and family time while you earn your MBA. We can assist you by taking care of the many details of academic life. The staff is on-site and available to help you. We serve our students by:

  • Registering and enrolling you in all of your courses
  • Arranging all three residential courses
  • Booking accommodations for residential courses
  • Coordinating all your meals during scheduled classes
  • Securing reserved parking permits to help you get to class on time
  • Providing on-going support and academic guidance
  • Conducting new student orientation for each incoming class
  • Arranging for workshops and computing classes
  • Hosting social and networking events

Nevertheless, our high-powered Health Care Executive MBA program demands a significant amount of your time and effort. Students dedicate an average of 15-20 hours per week to their studies, in addition to time in the classroom. Some students spend more time studying, and some less. Many students report that the experience teaches them to become highly efficient in managing their time, and this is an important skill you will strengthen during the program.

Student Testimonials

Merage HCEMBA studentCassidy Tsay, MD, Class of 2008
Medical Director, Nautilus Healthcare Management Group

"I discovered that for me, there are many more careers in medicine than being a physician. My career options are much wider." 




Merage HCEMBA studentRomilla Batra, MD, Class of 2009
Vice President/Medical Director, Scan Health Plan

“My experience has provided me with the blueprint of my career that I want to pursue and also the skills that I would need to be successful along the way.”




Merage HCEMBA studentTony Martin, Class of 2008
CEO & Managing Director, Exemplar

"With this program I can unequivocally say my stock has gone up dramatically!"





Merage HCEMBA studentErik Oller, Class of 2008
Executive Therapeutic Specialist, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals

"I enjoy management and training and will move into a role that allows me to use more of these types of skills."




Merage HCEMBA studentTimur Durrani, Class of 2008
Preventive Medicine Resident, Los Angeles County, Department of Public Health

"The Merage School MBA has given me extra tools that I didn't learn in medical school. By combining my medical training with the basics of business, I think I will be able to advocate much better for the patients I work for."