Student Name Dissertation Title
Novia Chen Repatriation Taxes And The Value Of Cash Holdings
Peng-Chia Chiu Essays On The Relation Between Accounting Earnings And Stock Returns
Jong-Yu Hao Subjectivity In Employee Performance Ratings And Promotion Decisions: The Analysis Of Job Levels
Niramol Jindanuwat Auditors' Causal Inference Judgments During Audit Planning: A Model Of Reasoning And Judgments
Sarah Lyon Aggressive Book And Tax Reporting: An Uncertain Relationship
Ashok Natarajan The Search For Homogenous Groups: The Use And Applicability Of The Standard Industrial Classification In Accounting Research
Rodney Ellwood Smith Explaining Relative Firm Performance In The Personal Computer Manufacturing Industry; A Balanced Scorecard Framework

Economics/Public Policy

Student Name Dissertation Title
Gregory Autry Governmental Roles In The Emergence Of New Communities Of High-Technology Organizations
Aron Scott Spencer Technological Response To Economic Disruption: The Role Of New Technologies In Mitigating Exogenous Economic Shocks


Student Name Dissertation Title
John-Wan Bae Two Essays On The Behavior Of Mutual Fund Managers
Sujung Choi Investor Misvaluation, Signaling, And Takeovers: Evidence From Closed-End Fund Discounts
Yanbo Jin Firm Value And Hedging: Evidence From US Oil And Gas Producers
Zachary Nye Macro-Augmented Volatility Forecasting
Yong Rin Park Limited Attention, Trading Volume, And Return Predictability
Gaiyan Zhang Intra-Industry Credit Contagion - Evidence From The Credit Default Swap Market And The Stock Market

Information Systems

Student Name Dissertation Title
Young Bong Chang Three Essays On The Impacts Of Information Technology On Firm Productivity And Efficiency
Shutao Dong Value Creation From Customer Relationship Management Systems: Resources, Productivity And Profitability Effects, And It Governance
Yi-Jen Ho The Impact Of Social And Spatial Proximity On Consumer Choice In Digital Markets
Kevin W. Kobelsky The Impact Of Information Technology And Labor Practices On High Tech Manufacturing Performance: The Disk Drive Industry
John Mooney The Productivity And Business Value Impacts Of Information Technlogy: Economic And Organizational Analysis
Jui Ramaprasad Online Social Influence And Consumer Choice: Evidence From The Music Industry
Kiron Ravindran Governance Mechanisms In Information Technology Outsourcing
Namchul Shin The Empirical Analysis Of The Relationship Between Information Technology And Coordination Costs: Implications For Vertical Integration And Firm Productivity
Paul Patrick Tallon A Process-Oriented Assessment Of The Alignment Of Information Systems And Business Strategy: Implications For It Business Value
Xin Xu Migration To Open Standard Electronic Integration: An Economic And Cross-Generational Analysis
Zhang Zhe Essays On The Information Technology And Firms' Pricing Strategy
Zhizhong Zhou Essays On Competitive Technology Strategies: Lock-In Strategy, Software Design Strategy, And B2B Supply Chain Management


Student Name Dissertation Title
Charles A. Abramson Managerial Use Of Market Response Models
Dipayan Biswas Information Formats For Presenting Negative Product Information: Managerial And Regulatory Perspectives
Jennifer Dailo Chandler Initial Empirical Inquiries Into The Evolving Advertising And Media Markets: Using The Triadic Perspective To Investigate The Relative Importance Of Technological Diversity, Network Position, And Client Management
Ji-Hung Choi Essays On The Strategic Pricing And Quality Decisions
Samantha Cross Conflict, Compromise And Consensus: A Deeper Look At Consumer Roles, Patterns And Preferences In Culturally Diverse Families
Stephanie Joy Dellande Gaining Customer Compliance In Services
Hilda Rika Houston Medicine, Magic, And Maternity: An Ethnographic Study Of Ritual Consumption In Contemporary, Urban Japan
Yeong Seon Kang Essays On Marketing Strategy: Quality Competition, Distribution Channel Structure, And Downsizing
Maria Kniazeva Genetically Modified Food On The Plate: Food Consumption In The Time Of Frankenfood
James Leonhardt The Name-Control Effect In Consumer Judgment And Decision Making
Jooseop Lim Consumer Heterogeneity In The Long-Term Effects Of Price Promotions
Lauren Louie Essays On Information Technology And Firms' Pricing Strategy
Laurie Ann Meamber The Constitution Of The Arts As Cultural Production: The Role Of The Consumer, Artist, And Cultural Intermediary As Producer/Consumer Of Meaning
Ofer Mintz What Drives Managerial Use Of Marketing And Financial Metrics And Does Metric Use Impact Performance Of Marketing Activities?
Hannah Oh Asymmetric Effects Of CSR Across Firms And Across Time: The Role Of Marketing Industry
Dante Pirouz The Dark Side Of Product Attachment: Reactivity Of Non-Users And Users To Addictive Product Advertising
Joel Crosby Poor Customer Evaluation Of New-Product Alliances
Rishika Rishika The Effect Of Store Brand Introduction On Quantity Discounts: A Structural Model Using Aggregate Retail Data
Hope Jensen Schau Consumer Imagination, Identity And Self-Expression In Computer Mediated Environments
Liangyan Wang Toward A Hierarchy Of Reference Group Messages: Distinguishing The Effects Of Informational, Value-Expressive, And Utilitarian Reference Groups
Guang Yang The Impact Of Computer-Mediated Communication On The Processes And Outcomes Of Buyer-Seller Negotiations

Operations & Decision Technologies

Student Name Dissertation Title
Wen-Qiang Bian Fairness Perceptions In Contemporary China (Vs. North America) And Cultural Elements In Decision-Making
Tianjun Feng Three Essays In Supplier Management
Yuhong He Cooperative And Non-Cooperative Game Theory Models In Supply Chain Management
Candice Huynh Risk Attitudes In The Supply Chain, Proxy Attributes, And Consumption
Shaoxuan Liu The Impact Of Uncertain Supply On Marketing And Inventory Decisions
Kevin Huei-Min Shang Optimal Inventory Policies In Serial Supply Chains: Bounds, Heuristics, And Insights

Organization & Management

Student Name Dissertation Title
Rebekah Dibble Collaboration For The Common Good: An Examination Of Internal And External Adjustment
Sang-Joon Kim The Role Of Technological Systems In Community Creation: Emergence Of The Nanotechnology Community, 1959-2004
Dana Mcdaniel Energy At Work: A Multinational, Cross-Situational Investigation Of Relational Energy
Renee Rottner The Life Project: Accomplishing Legitimacy In Sustained Innovation
Taryn Lyn Stanko From Scout Leader To Business Leader: How Participation In Multiple Roles Shapes Behavior At Work
Jennifer Woolley Understanding Organizational Community Creation: The Nanotechnology Community

Organization & Strategy

Student Name Dissertation Title
Jeanne Ann Almaraz Leading transformational Change: Behavior, Context, And Results
Zatzick Christopher Douglas A Self-Affirmation Analysis Of Employee Resistance To Organizational Change
Edward Harry Hernandez The Association Between Employment Externalization And Organizational Performance: The Moderating Roles Of Strategy And Firm-Specific Knowledge
Patricia Martinez Paternalism In Contemporary Organizations: A Theory And Test Of Organizational Benevolence And Decision-Making Control
Amy Elizabeth Randel Contextual Antecedents And Performance-Based Consequences Of Identity Salience In Organizational Project Groups
Angela Tripoli Employee Work Strategies And Rating Of Performance


Student Name Dissertation Title
Joshua Hernsberger The Role Of Status In Executive Succession And Imitation
Mark Washburn Managing External Aspirations: Examining How Executives Influence Stock Market Analyst Forecasts