Assignment of Faculty Advisors

Phase I Academic Advisor

Each student will be assigned an academic faculty advisor from their area of specialization to assist the student in getting acclimated to the Merage School PhD program. The advisor will guide the student in planning his/her PhD course work and supervise the student’s academic progress for the first two years of the program. 

During these two years, the students will have the opportunity to identify/discover their research interests and find a faculty member in the area of their specialization who best fits their research needs and will be willing to act as the Phase I Qualifying Advisor. The Phase I Academic Advisor and the Phase I Qualifying Advisor may or may not be the same person.

Phase I Qualifying Advisor

The Phase I Qualifying Advisor will assume their duties the beginning of the third year and will provide guidance to the student in pursuing their research interests. In all likelihood, the Qualifying Advisor will also be the chair of the student’s thesis committee.