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General Questions

The PhD in Management is for those who wish to pursue a career in scholarly research at an academic institution. A bachelor’s degree at minimum is required. Although the graduate degree is not required about 75% of those that do apply have a Masters/MBA degree. You need to ask yourself the following questions: Are you interested in research? Do you enjoy learning, innovating, and solving complex questions? Do you want to teach at a university? Do you wish to consult at a higher level? Are you able to draw conclusions from data?  If so, the PhD in Management prepares you for this academic career path.

We currently have 59 students in the program.

Areas of concentration closely parallel the strengths of the School’s faculty and include: Accounting (9), Finance (9), Marketing (12), Information Systems (7), Operations and Decision Technologies (8), Organization and Management (7), and Strategy (7).

Admission is in the fall quarter only.   

You may only apply to one area in a given admissions year.

We generally receive between 250-350 applications each year. We admit between 10-15 total across all areas. The number of students admitted to each area varies from year to year depending on faculty-student ratio and quality of applicant pool and typically ranges from one to three.

Faculty will review applications between January and late March to identify and discuss their choices. 

Yes. Every candidate we admit, whether domestic or international, is offered a five-year financial support package covering tuition, fees and a living stipend. This support is provided through a combination of fellowships, teaching assistantships, and research assistantships. Health insurance is also provided and included as part of campus fees.

Admissions Questions

Yes. These tests are required and cannot be waived under any circumstance. For more information on the GRE test please visit the Educational Testing Service (ETS) and GMAT websites.

GRE Institution Code: 4859

Yes. Permanent residents are not automatically waived from taking the TOEFL. However, for admission purposes you are waived from TOEFL/IELTS if you completed your undergraduate or graduate degree at a US university or from a country where English is the primary and dominant language (ie. Canada [except for Quebec], England, Australia). Visit UCI Graduate Division English Proficiency for additional information on the English Proficiency Exam Requirement.

If English is the primary or dominant language of your country as recognized by UCI, not just the medium of education at your school, you will not be required to take the TOEFL or IELTS test for admissions purposes. Visit UCI Graduate Division English Proficiency for a list of countries where English is considered the primary or dominant language, as approved by the UCI Graduate Council.

All applicants must take either the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) or the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). You must submit a score report that is less than five years old.

While officially there is no minimum test score that is used as a cut-off, good performance on one of the standardized tests is usually required for a favorable admission decision. Generally, successful applicants score in the 80th and 90th percentiles on their standardized test. 

Regardless of test scores, each applicant is fully reviewed by the admissions committee. Evaluation of the applicant’s file will consist of an integrated assessment of all materials – test scores, transcripts of previous academic work, work experience, essays and letters of recommendation.

Application Questions

Learn more about PhD admissions requirements and apply via our online application portal by visiting the PhD Admissions pagePlease note that the link to apply is only available between September and January 4 of each year.

Applications are accepted each year from September through January 4 for the following academic year.

Contacting faculty prior to application is not necessary. Due to the volume of inquiries, faculty members regret that they are unable to respond to all inquiries. Prospective students are encouraged to learn about faculty research by visiting the faculty research pages.

Program Questions

The expected completion time for the doctoral degree is five years with a maximum time of six years.

We do not offer an online or part-time options. Aside from courses which are oftentimes scheduled during the day and during the week, teaching assistantship appointments, research and independent study require students be on campus and on a full-time basis.

It is very unlikely. Courses taken toward a graduate degree at another institution cannot be transferred for credit toward a PhD at UCI. A key part of the PhD program is passing the field/comprehensive exam which is administered at the end of your second year covering material from doctoral seminars that you were required to take the first two years of the program. The first two years is coursework for all students regardless of area. It is in Phase II of the program where the duration will depend on the progress you make in your dissertation.