Forms, Tools and Resources

Forms, Tools and Resources Tools and resources to guide your success

The Merage School and UCI have many tools and resources available to help guide your personal and academic success.

Below are some frequently used resources and tools. As always, if you need assistance, please reach out to us in the Undergraduate Program Office and we can help point you in the right direction.

Online Forms

Below are links to online forms for common advising needs. You must use these forms as we do not accept these types of requests via phone, email or chat.

DegreeWorks Updates: This form is for Business Administration majors who need an adjustment made to their DegreeWorks. This form cannot be used to petition for an exception or substitution; all requested changes must already be approved or articulated on Examples include adding/dropping a minor, applying a course to your emphasis, updating your GEs with AP or transfer units, etc.

Excess Units Petition: In order to qualify for excess units (above 20), you must have an overall GPA of 3.2 and be in good academic standing. A limit of 24 units is enforced. If approved, the limit will be increased after the 20-unit cap is lifted.

Prerequisite Clearance: If you received AP credit or transferred courses that are considered a prerequisite for a MGMT course, use this form to get clearance.

Course Substitution Petition: If you would like to petition to substitute a course taken outside of UC Irvine for a UCI course, complete this form.

Policies, Tools, Resources

Courses taken to count toward the BA major requirements must be taken for a letter grade. If you are retaking a course that was originally for a LETTER GRADE, you must retake the course for a LETTER GRADE ONLY - there are no exceptions. All MGMT courses must be taken for a LETTER GRADE, unless they are only offered as P/NP - there are no exceptions. 

It is important when making the decision to take a course P/NP or for a letter grade that you keep in mind the following:

To receive a "P" (Pass) and get credit/units, you must earn a grade equivalent to a "C" or better. However, if a course is taken for a letter grade, the minimum grade needed for credit would be at least a "D-" in most courses. This is especially important to note for graduating students who are trying to fulfill their unit requirements to graduate. You will need to weigh the risk of taking a course P/NP and not receiving any credit if you earn the equivalent to a C- grade or lower.

If you are planning to change your major or add a double major, you will be responsible for adhering to the corresponding School’s P/NP policy.

Lower-division writing courses must be completed with a grade of "C" or better (or a "P" if taking the course for P/NP). If you are taking an upper-division writing course in your major, you must take the course for a letter grade.

We recommend that you see how you are doing in the course throughout the quarter. You have until 5PM on Friday of Week 10 to submit a request to change the grade option of a course. Grade option changes will not be considered after that time – there are no exceptions. You will need to submit an enrollment exception request through Student Access > Applications > Enrollment Exceptions to request any changes (WebReg is not accessible for current quarter changes after Week 2).

If you have any questions about enrollment deadlines or P/NP, please email or reach out to us via ZotChat

The Paul Merage School of Business would like to provide you with some consideration for communicating with UCI faculty via email: 

  • Professionalism: Keep it formal. Be sure to have a salutation, signoff and signature. Avoid using slang and emojis. Proofread before sending. Faculty will expect you to use your .edu email address to contact them (please refrain from using your personal email address).
  • Clarity: Be clear, accurate and brief.
  • Initiative: Faculty are expecting to hear from you, so reach out early. Follow up after 2-5 days if you don't receive a response to your initial email.
  • Empathy: Keep in mind that faculty are also having to adjust to changes and disruptions to their research, work and lives. A little empathy, grace and patience can go a long way.

At The Paul Merage School of Business, we are committed to our students and providing opportunities for them to thrive as a leader in a digitally driven world. Check out our scholarship opportunities here.