As the faculty expands, the Merage School is focusing its efforts to further develop our pre-existing strengths in the international arena. Currently, we have dozens of faculty members actively engaged in international research. Funding for endowed chairs in international business is key in this endeavor.

Faculty Research and Dissertation Travel Support

Faculty Research Support

  1. Competitive proposals for faculty research and travel support are reviewed by a small committee and appropriate grants made, perhaps specifically targeting junior faculty.
  2. International business academic speaker series. Two eminent researchers in the international business area are invited for typical academic colloquia (one in Fall and one in Spring). Faculty from Southern California universities are invited to attend both sessions.
  3. International business speaker series. Two high-level industry speakers per year (one in Fall and one in Spring) are invited to speak to the Merage School community – students, alumni, corporate partners, etc. on international business topics.
  4. Travel expenses for delivering papers at academic conferences in foreign countries.
  5. Sponsorship of visiting scholars from foreign countries.
  6. Best paper awards (including cash) for both PhD students and junior faculty.

Dissertation Travel Support

One of the main obstacles to doctoral students doing international research is the expense of international travel. International travel awards are made to students based on a faculty panel review of an applicant’s dissertation proposal.

US-China Barometer

The relationship between the United States and China is, as always, both dynamic and difficult. For example, since 1985 we have seen only two declines in the total trade between the two countries, during the debacle of 2009 and in 2016. However, the US-China relationship cannot be captured by this last datum alone. Things are much more complicated than the annual trade summary upon which the pundits and politicians often focus.

Faculty Interchanges

The initial foreign country of focus for this academic feature is Cuba. Conferences are held annually, alternating between the University of Havana and UCI. The topics, participants, and processes is determined by a committee including members from both universities. For the session at the Merage School, interested faculty from the UC system and other West Coast universities are invited. In Havana, scholars from other Cuban universities are likewise welcome. Doctoral students' travel expenses are also supported for work on specific research projects.

Visiting Faculty

Every year the Merage School welcomes a cohort of visiting faculty from around the world and nearly every continent. These scholars enrich the learning environment for students, faculty and the community at large.

Research Translations

The Center for Global Leadership & Sustainability previously sponsored a Summer Fellowship Program to "translate" the implications for individual practical action of rigorous business leadership scholarship into easy-to-read papers on various management topics. The translations must be based on research judged by the highest standards in the field, and clearly state that the action implications are generalized from the scholarly research.

Summer Fellowship Program Translations

  • Enhancing Leader Performance through Cognitive Versatility by Rebecca Chung (2014)
  • Creating Distinct Positive Identity_A Toolkit for Entrepreneurs by Harsh Jha (2014)
  • When is Sharing Leadership in Teams Effective? by Sandra Pintor (2013)
  • Creating a Culture of Networking in your Organization by Konrad Jamro (2013)
  • Once You Hire Them How do You Keep Them by Charlotte Powers (2013)
  • How Women Leaders Can Navigate the Labyrinth to Success by Winny Shen (2013)
  • Mitigating the Negative Effects of Geographically Dispersed Teams by Laura Huang (2012)
  • Reducing Interpersonal Mistreatment or Workplace Aggression by Brent Lyons (2012)
  • Citizenship Behavior as Link between Employee Satisfaction and Performance by Kim McCarthy (2012)
  • How to Ensure Employees Use what they Learn by Charlotte Powers (2012)
  • Promoting Ethical Behavior through Ethical Leadership by Jonathan Nelson (2011)
  • Hiring in Small Business by James O'Brien (2011)
  • Gaining and Sustaining Power through Interpersonal Ties by Minna Paunova (2011)
  • Managing Procrastination at Work by Marina Pearce (2011)
  • Culturally Diverse Teams that Work by Kenji Klein (2010)
  • Employee Motivation is not a Problem by Jone Pearce (2010)
  • Politicking is Inherent in Organizations by Jone Pearce (2010)

Help with Practical Leadership Challenges Translations

Better Hiring

Building an Ethical Workplace

Burnout and Stress

Career Management 

Conflict Management

Create a Service Climate

Engagement and Commitment

Emotions in the Workplace

Employee Development

Foster Innovation

High-Performance Teams

Lead Others

Manage Change

Master Politics and Power

Motivate Others

Performance Management

Talent Management

International Business Resources