The Center for Real Estate spearheads varied research. Faculty members representing a wide range of disciplines including Economics, Law, Urban and Regional Planning, Civil and Transportation Engineering, Gerontology, Marketing, Finance and Public Policy work on projects that relate to the Center’s core research interests. Since its founding, the Center has contributed to numerous research projects at UC Irvine relating to housing and urban development.

We regularly bring together Academic Fellows, real estate industry professionals and policymakers in working group sessions to brainstorm about issues of interest and concern as they relate to the urban environment in Orange County and elsewhere. These working groups have formulated a comprehensive list of research programs to address issues such as:

  • Affordable Housing
  • Senior Housing
  • Mortgage Credit Availability and Cost
  • Mortgage Credit Risk
  • Innovative Investment Capital Structures
  • Impact of Large-Scale Master-Planned Developments
  • Transit-Friendly Development
  • Meeting Today’s Infrastructure Needs
  • Successful Mixed-Use Development Strategies
  • Commercial Property Location Decision Making
  • The Economic Base and Its Impact on Urban Development Patterns
  • The Economics of Architectural and Urban Design
  • Neighborhood Dynamics and Filtering
  • Optimal Capital Structuring of Real Estate Projects

Annual Research Symposium

The Annual Research Symposium has become a highlight on the Merage School’s academic calendar. Leading researchers across a variety of academic disciplines attend the symposium to present and discuss their latest research as it pertains to real estate, housing and urban development issues. Bringing together top national and international researchers, the symposium is a well-respected venue for scholarly debate, idea sharing and problem solving among the academic community’s best minds.

Funded Research Overview

The Center administers funded research projects to Academic Fellows specializing in a variety of fields such as Economics, Law, Urban and Regional Planning, Civil and Transportation Engineering, Gerontology, Marketing, Finance and Public Policy. Academic Fellows along with outside guest researchers are invited to present and discuss their findings and publications with other scholars at our annual research workshop.

Victoria Basolo“The Center for Real Estate delivers knowledge that informs housing and development research, policy and practice on a wide scale. It is a valuable resource for housing researchers like myself and adds value to the education of our planning and policy-oriented graduate students focusing on development issues.”

Victoria Basolo, PhD, AICP / Associate Professor, Planning, Policy and Design / Academic Fellow, Center for Real Estate