Ahmad Sohrabian

Ahmad Sohrabian




PhD Economics, UC Santa Barbara

Research Interest

International Finance

Corporate Finance

Financial Derivatives


Dr. Sohrabian is a professor of Finance at Cal Poly Pomona, since 1986. He has also taught undergraduate and graduates course at UCLA, UCI, USC, and Claremont Graduate University. His teaching and research interests are in areas of International Finance, Corporate Finance, Financial Derivatives, and econometrics. He has published extensively in leading journals of Economics and finance.


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  • Foreign Direct Investment, Financial Markets, and Political Corruption. Journal of Economics Studies, 2008.
  • Internal Finance and Corporate Investment. Financial review, 2000.
  • Testing for the Relationship between Nominal Exchange Rates and Economic Fundamentals. Global Finance Journal, 1995.
  • The Exchange Value of the dollar and the U.S. Trade Balance: Evidence from Co-Integration and granger causality tests. The quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, 1993.
  • The Investment-cash flow Linkage Revisited: Evidence from Aggregate Data and Multivariate Granger Causality Tests. The quarterly Review of economics and finance, 1993.