Alladi Venkatesh

Alladi Venkatesh

Professor Emeritus

SB2 444


Research Interest

Technology Diffusion Computers in the Home

Aesthetics and Marketing

Design Issues


Markets and Culture


Alladi Venkatesh is Professor of Management and Informatics, and Associate Director, Center for Digital Transformation University of California, Irvine, USA. He is also Honorary Professor at the Stockholm School of Economics.
Professor Venkatesh's research focuses on two areas:

  1. The networked home and how consumers and households are adapting to new technologies of information and communication. Recently, he has been working on Social media and implications to management theory and practice. His more recent work is also on anthropological approaches to design. He has developed theoretical models of household/technology interaction based on his prior empirical work and existing research streams in new home informatics and diffusion theory.  His work has implications for the design of virtual environments for consumers and households and also for new product development in the hi-tech industry. He is currently an investigator on a multi-year project (Project POINT) funded by the National Science Foundation which examines IT impact on the individual in various settings, home, work-place, community and schools. 
  2. The second area is Markets and Culture. The focus here is on how cultural issues shape markets and consumption behaviors and how value is created and nurtured via market dynamics and actions. He is known for his work on Ethnoconsumerism based on his field work on technology diffusion among Indian households.

Professor Venkatesh’s publications have appeared in major journals, Management Science, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Consumer Research, Communications of the ACM, Marketing Theory, International Journal of Research in Marketing, Journal of Marketing Management and others. In 1998, he received the best paper award from the Journal of Consumer Research.

He was the founding co-editor of Consumption, Markets & Culture which was founded in 1996.

He was a Senior Fellow of the American Institute of Indian Studies (University of Chicago) and conducted field work in India in the 1990s. 

Professor Venkatesh has given invited presentations at many leading companies such as Microsoft, Intel, Ericsson, HP, Electrolux and has been a keynote speaker at several universities.

Currently, he is the President of HOIT (Home Oriented Informatics and Telematics) which is a division of IFIP (International Federation of Information Processing) and a Chair of their International conferences (HOIT 2003, HOIT 2007) and an upcoming conference. The HOIT 2007 conference was held in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India.