Christian Asmussen

Christian Asmussen


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Global Strategy

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Christian Geisler Asmussen is a Professor of Strategic and International Management at Copenhagen Business School. Drawing on a background in economics, but applying an interdisciplinary approach, his research and teaching revolve around competitive advantage, globalization, and the expansion trajectories of multinational corporations. His work has appeared in outlets such as the Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Management, and Strategic Management Journal. His research has been awarded numerous prizes from the international community, including the Barry M. Richman best dissertation award from the Academy of Management and the Haynes Prize for most promising scholar from the Academy of International Business. He currently heads a research project aiming to uncover the drivers of the micro-location choices of multinational firms.


  • Asmussen, C.G., Larsen, M.M., and Pedersen, T. 2016. “Organizational Adaptation in Offshoring: The Relative Performance of Home- and Host-based Learning Strategies”. Forthcoming: Organization Science.
  • Verbeke, A. and Asmussen, C.G. 2016. “Global, Local, or Regional? The Locus of MNE Strategies”. Forthcoming: Journal of Management Studies.
  • Asmussen, C.G. 2015. “Strategic Factor Markets, Scale-Free Resources, and Economic Performance: The Impact of Product Market Rivalry”. Strategic Management Journal, 36(12): 1826-1844.
  • Goerzen, A., Asmussen, C.G., and Nielsen, B.B. 2013. “Global cities and multinational enterprise location strategy.” Journal of International Business Studies, 44(5): 427–450.


  • Winner of the Barry M. Richman Best Dissertation Award at the Academy of Management 2008 for the best Ph.D. dissertation in International Management: ”Global Strategy and International Diversity: A Double-Edged Sword?”
  • Finalist for the Carolyn Dexter Award (paper that best meets the objective of internationalizing the Academy) at the Academy of Management 2007 for the paper: Asmussen, C.G. and Goerzen, A. “Geographic Orientation and Performance of Global versus Regional MNEs”.
  • Winner of the Haynes Prize (most promising scholar) at the Academy of International Business 2007 for the paper: Asmussen, C.G. “Local, Regional or Global? Quantifying MNC Geographic Scope”.