Conal Sathi

Conal Sathi


Conal Sathi completed his master's degree at Stanford University studying computer science with the focus in Artificial Intelligence.  At Stanford, he taught a graduate level Natural Language Processing (NLP) course and published research in the intersection of NLP and Graph Mining.  
After Stanford, he was hired as the first machine learning engineer at a technology startup focused on e-commerce analytics, which was later acquired by a large global corporation Rakuten.  During his time there, he built machine learning engines for dealing with unstructured text data (from research to a production setting dealing with billions of documents). He grew and managed a team of data scientists and engineers, as well as spoke at a number of data conferences (where the audience ranged from business analysts to engineers) and wrote several patents for the text classification engines he designed at the company.  
Currently, he is a consultant, advisor, and investor to several technology companies in Northern California.


Quarter / Year Program Course # Course Title
Spring Quarter 2018 BANA 290 Advanced Data Analytics for Natural Language Processing