Howard Frantz

Howard Frantz


SB2 324  


MBA in Operations Management, UC Los Angeles
BS in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, UC Berkeley

Howard Frantz has been teaching Forecasting at the Merage School for the past 10 years. 

He has a long history in developing operational systems and equipment in the restaurant industry. After several years of consulting in the restaurant industry, he established the Operations Engineering Group a tTaco Bell and later established the R&D Department at In-N-Out Burger. He is currently Director of R&D at that chain. Many of the techniques he pioneered in the industry are widely used today. This includes discrete event simulation modelling and linear and network optimization models in labor scheduling.

Professor Frantz’s background is strongly weighted to practical vs. theoretical. While business forecasting problems require the use of statistical and analytical techniques, they must be viewed first and foremost as business problems. The class will reflect that approach.