Joseph DiMento

Joseph DiMento

Professor (Joint Appointment)
School of Law

Law 3500-C



PhD, University of Michigan
JD, University of Michigan
BA, Harvard College, government, cum laude

Research Interest

International Law

Environmental Law

International Environmental Law

Urban Planning

In his decades of teaching, Professor DiMento has written a dozen books and taught courses on a wide variety of subjects, including international law, urban and regional planning, domestic and international environmental law, administrative law and regulation, business and government, conflict resolution.

Professor DiMento also served for 10 years as the director of UC Irvine’s Newkirk Center for Science and Society.


  • Joseph F. C. DiMento & Eva Badiee, Historical Pollution and Criminal Liability in the United States, in Historical Pollution (in press 2017).
  • Daniel J. Selmi, James A. Kushner, Edward H. Ziegler, Joseph F. C. DiMento, John Echeverria, Land Use Regulations: Cases and Materials, 5th ed. (2017).
  • Joseph F. C. DiMento, The Shape of [Ground]water (Law): California's New Act, and Prospects for SustainabilityJ. Southwest (forthcoming, 2017).
  • Joseph F. C. DiMento, The Arctic: Source of Energy? Source of Conflict? Source of Policy Delivering Energy Policy in the EU and the US: A Reader. (Raphael J. Heffron and Gavin F. M. Little eds., 2016).
  • Joseph F. C. DiMento, Protection of Our Earth-A Half Century of Environmental Law, Jus: Riv. Sci. Giur. 63 (2016).
  • Joseph F. C. DiMento, Environmental Governance of the Arctic: Law, Effect, Now Implementation, UC Irvine L. Rev. 6 (2016)
  • Climate Change: What it Means to Us, Our Children and Our Grandchildren, 2nd ed. (Joseph F. C. DiMento & Pamela Doughman, eds., 2014).
  • Joseph F. C. DiMento, The Law of the Sea and the Polar Regions: Interactions Between Global and Regional Regimes, Int. Environ. Agreem-P 14 (2014) (book review).
  • Joseph F. C. DiMento, Il Caso Tronox (The Old Kerr-McGee/Tronox Case: 'Securing Environmental Justice?' Tronox Inc., et al., and United States v. Anadarko Petroleum Corp., et al., Bankruptcy Adversary Proceeding No. 09-1198)Riv. Giur. Ambiente 29 (2014).
  • Joseph F. C. DiMento, Diritto Ambientale E Superstrade Urbane: Cambio Di Direzione (Environmental Law and the Urban Freeway: Changing Lanes, Riv. Giur. Ambiente 28 (2013).
  • Joseph F. C. DiMento, Fonti Engergetiche Transfrontaliere E Diritto Ambientale, Politica E Politiche: Il Caso Del Gasdotto Keystone Pipeline in Canada E Negli Stati Uniti (Transboundary Environmental Energy and Environmental Law, Policy and Politics: The Keystone Pipeline Case, Riv. Giur. Ambiente 28 (2013).
  • Kazuo Oshio & Joseph F. C. DiMento, The Snail Darter and the DamJ. Am. Can. Stud. 31 (2013).
  • Joseph F. C. DiMento & Cliff Ellis, Changing Lanes: Visions and Histories of Urban Freeways (2013).
  • Joseph F. C. DiMento & Alexis Hickman, Environmental Governance of the Great Seas: Law and Effect (2012).

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