Kevin Duane Bradford

Kevin Duane Bradford

Associate Professor of Teaching, Marketing

SB1 3205  


PhD, University of Florida
MBA, University of Notre Dame
BA, University of Northern Iowa

Research Interest

Personal Selling

Sales Management

Distribution of Firearms

Marketing Practices of Guns

Gun Culture

Kevin D. Bradford is a professor of teaching at the Paul Merage School of Business and has been at UCI since 2016.  Kevin was recently appointed the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs at the Paul Merage School of Business. Additionally, he was recently named an Inclusive Excellence Professor for UCI. Kevin’s academic experience includes a B.A. from the University of Northern Iowa, an MBA from the University of Notre Dame and his Ph.D. from the University of Florida. He has research published in Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, Journal of Retailing, International Journal of Research in Marketing, Marketing Letters and Journal of Public Policy and Marketing. Kevin’s industry experience includes five years in a relationship management role with International Business Machines. His current role is Professor of Teaching at the University of California, Irvine. 

Kevin’s research focuses on developing understanding of significant issues within the marketing system and its relationship to society. This system can be viewed as consisting of three sets of actors – marketers, customers and public policymakers. To this point his work has centered on all three; the marketing domain (e.g., salespeople and the development of relationships), the customer domain (e.g., buyer-seller relationships) and public policy domain (e.g., firearm diversion). Kevin received an “Excellence in Sales Scholarship Award” from the American Marketing Association’s special interest group supporting research in the selling and sales management. He also received the honorable mention award for the “Best Paper Contributing to Theory and Practice to Retail Marketing”.


Journal Publications and Book Chapters in Print

  • Bradford, Kevin D. (2013) “An Investigation into Firearms and Common Good:  The Introduction to a Meaningful Discussion about Solutions,” in Marketing and the Common Good, Patrick E. Murphy and John F. Sherry eds.  Routledge Press, 212-230.
  • Bradford, Kevin D., Goutam N. Challagalla, Gary K. Hunter, and William C. Moncrief III (2012), “Strategic Account Management: Conceptualizing, Integrating, and Extending the Doman from Fluid to Dedicated Accounts,” Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, 32 (Fall), 41-56.
  • Bradford, Kevin D. and Barton A. Weitz (2012), “Salesperson Effectiveness:  A Behavioral Perspective,” in Handbook of Business to Business Marketing, Gary L Lilien and Ragdeep Grewal eds.  Elgar, 417-434.
  • Bradford, Kevin D., Steven Brown, Shankar Ganesan, Gary Hunter, Vincent Onyemah, Robert Palmatier, Dominique Rouziès, Rosann, Spiro, Harish Sujan, and Barton A. Weitz (2010), “The Embedded Sales Force: Connecting Buying and Selling Organizations” Marketing Letters, 21 (Spring) 239-253.
  • Gundlach, Gregory T., Kevin D. Bradford, and William L. Wilkie (2010), “Countermarketing and Demarketing against Product Diversion: Research in the Firearm Industry,”  Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, 29 (Spring) 103-122.
  • Bradford, Kevin D. and Debra M. Desrochers (2010), “The Use of Scents to Influence Consumers: The Sense of Using Scents to Make Cents,” Journal of Business Ethics, 90 (Spring), 141-153.
  • Bradford, Kevin D., and Barton A. Weitz (2009), “Salesperson’s Management of Conflict in Buyer-Seller Relationships” Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, 29 (Winter), 25-42.
  • Bradford, Kevin D., J. Michael Crant, and Joan M. Phillips, (2009), “How Salesperson Job Satisfaction Affects Buyer-Seller Relationships:  The Role of Supplier Commitment and Extra- Role Behavior,” Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 17 (2009). 389-400.
  • Wang, Qiong, Kevin D. Bradford, Jun Xu, and Barton A. Weitz (2008), “Innovation in Buyer- Seller Relationships:  The Role of Governance” International Journal of Research in Marketing, 25 (Spring), 109-118.
  • Bradford, Kevin D., Gregory T. Gundlach, and William L. Wilkie (2005), “Countermarketing in the Courts:  The Case of Marketing Channels and Firearm Diversion,” Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, 24 (Fall), 284-298.
    • Used by the Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden, and his committee on gun control to develop recommendations on gun control to the President of the United States
  • Bradford, Kevin D., Barton A. Weitz, and Anne Stringfellow (2004), “Managing Conflict to Improve the Effectiveness of Retail Networks,” Journal of Retailing, 80, 181-195.
    • Davidson Award Honorable Mention for the Best Article
  • Weitz, Barton A. and Kevin D. Bradford (1999), “Personal Selling and Sales Management: A Relationship Marketing Perspective,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 27 (Spring), 241 – 254.
    • 11th most cited article from the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science for articles published between 1998 to 2004 (See Zinkhan, George M., (2005), “Scientific Status and Knowledge Use: Two Perspectives”, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 33, 3, 251-253.
    • Received the “Excellence in Sales Scholarship Award” from the American Marketing Association Sales Special Interest Group.

Research In Progress

  • Bradford, Kevin D. Lucy Lui, Barton A. Weitz, and Jun Xu “Salesperson’s Relationship Orientation and the Effective Management of Buyer Seller Relationships.” To be submitted to Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management.
  • Bradford, Kevin D., Anne Stringfellow, and Barton A. Weitz “Building Buyer-Seller Relationships: The Effects of Salesperson Learning Orientation and Innovation Development Activities” To be submitted to Marketing Letters.
  • Bradford, Kevin D., Gregory T. Gundlach, and William L. Wilkie “Firearm Diversion: An Investigation of Industry Countermarketing and Demarketing Efforts” This paper is targeted to the American Journal of Public Health.
  • Bradford, Kevin D. Gregory T. Gundlach, and William L. Wilkie “Theoretical Perspectives and Practical Applications: An Update of Countermarketing and Demarketing Principles.” This paper is targeted to the Journal of Marketing.


Course Title Program School(s) Times Taught
Consumer and Industrial Buying Behavior UG Notre Dame 33
Strategic Marketing Management UG Notre Dame 9
Executive Sales Management MBA Notre Dame 6
Professional Selling in Business Markets UG Notre Dame, Illinois 6
Consumer Behavior MBA Notre Dame 5
Professional Selling in Business Markets MBA Notre Dame 4
Sports Marketing UG Notre Dame 4
Sales Management UG Notre Dame, Florida 3
Business to Business Marketing Management MBA Notre Dame 1
Principles of Marketing UG Notre Dame 1
Trends in Consumer Behavior and Marketing Exec Ed Notre Dame 4
Independent Studies UG Notre Dame 2
Marketing Management MBA Notre Dame 2
Marketing Strategies for Non-Profit Organizations Masters in Non-Profit Admin Notre Dame 2
Introduction to Marketing UG Illinois 1
Business Marketing Management UG Illinois 1