Leonard Lane

Leonard Lane

Full-time Lecturer

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Doctor of Business Administration, Case Western Reserve University
MBA, University of Southern California
BA in Political Science, University of Southern California

Professor Leonard Lane earned his BA in Political Science and his MBA from the University of Southern California. After 38 years of global work experience, he earned his Doctor of Business Administration from Case Western Reserve University in 2003. Currently Professor Lane is also President of LL Global Consult, an international strategy development consulting firm. During his work career he served as Vice President for Global Strategy for Divine, Inc.; President, Partner and Director of LLA Strategic Development Group (Alaska and Seattle) and LLA Pacific (Hong Kong); Executive Vice President of Alaska International Air; Assistant to the Chairman, Alaska Airlines, Senior Consultant Peat, Marwick Mitchell, Special Assistant to the Governor of Alaska and held senior management positions in two major Manufacturing organizations.

In addition, Professor Lane has taught as an Adjunct Professor at Cal State University, Fullerton, San Marcos and the Fisher Graduate School of Business, Monterey Institute of International Studies. Professor Lane has also lectured on leadership and global strategy at the University of Chicago MBA Program, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and was the lead instructor for “Developing Global Strategy” for Motorola University and Nortel’s Executive Development programs in the Asia Pacific region. He also developed and was the lead instructor for the strategy portion of the Hong Kong Bank’s Senior Executive Strategy and Managing Global Risk Program. He currently teaches in the Merage Foundation Innovation Bridge Program and the Foundations Lean Launchpad Program in Jerusalem.

Professor Lane currently serves as a Senior Advisor to the Group Chairman, Fung Group (Hong Kong) and is a Canadian and Hawaii Ironman finisher.


  • Seasoned executive with more than 52 years of experience in global consulting, corporate and business unit strategy, developing Asia market entry strategies, managing organizational structure, cost reduction, process improvement and leadership for major international corporations. 
  • Successfully started consulting firms in Alaska, Seattle Washington and Hong Kong 
  • Successful instructor in strategy at five different institutions, having taught upper division undergraduates, traditional MBA students, Fully-Employed and Executive MBA students.  Consistently rated by students superior in teaching abilities. 
  • Earned Doctor of Business Adminstration in 2003 from The Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Business Experience

Fung Group, Hong Kong (2021-present)

Senior Advisor to the Group Chairman, Fung Group

  • In this role, advises the Group Chairman and Group Presidents on macro-economic issues and scenarios affecting the Groups strategic trajectory.


Member of the Board, Fung Academy, Advisor to the Group Chairman, Li and Fung (2018-2020)

  • In this role, Dr. Lane advises the Academy on strategic direction as well as providing counsel to the senior Leadership team of the Fung group businesses on macro-economic and technology issues that impact the Groups businesses.


Li & Fung (1937) Limited, Hong Kong

Managing Director, Fung Academy (2010 - 2018)

  • In the newly created position, reporting directly to the Group Chairman Dr. Victor Fung, Dr. Lane was responsible for overall direction and implementation the Group’s Senior Leadership Development and strategy linked Accelerated Learning Programs including overall responsibility for operationalizing sustainability as a competitive advantage across the Groups worldwide businesses. In this capacity he advised the Group’s businesses on how to take advantage of the exponential increases in technology to improve sustainable production and design as well as well as improve the lives of the 3-4 million people that work across the Group’s value chain.


LL Global Consult (2003-Present)  

  • Management consulting firm providing strategic planning and organizational consulting services to a  select group of international clients.   

MMG, MarchFirst, divine, Inc. (1999-2002)  
Vice President, Global Strategy  

  • Served in a key executive role within the Global Strategy division for the professional services arm of divine, Inc., a Chicago based software development and systems integration firm (and its two predecessor firms) that provided extended enterprise technology solutions that helped clients gain competitive advantage by improving the speed and effectiveness with which organizations sense and respond to their extended business environments.  
  • Responsible for the quality of the delivery of client work, as well as provision of leadership to the global strategy team.   
  • Engaged in projects relative to the airline, automotive, health care and pharmaceutical industries; assisting clients in developing and implementing technology driven strategies to enhance their competitive positioning.  
  • Negotiated the firm’s joint venture in Japan and played a lead role in the firm’s business development endeavours there and elsewhere. 
  • Served as a member of the firm’s Global Strategy Leadership Team.

President, Partner and Director (1977-1999)  
LLA, Inc./Strategic Development Group, Anchorage Alaska and Seattle WA  
LLA Pacific Limited, Hong Kong 

  • Served for twenty-two years as President of own firms from start-up to development of these two international consulting organizations.    
  • Firm started business in 1977 in Anchorage, Alaska serving British Petroleum (BP) ARCO, and Alyeska Pipeline Service Company during the construction and start-up operations of the Trans-Alaska pipeline and the Prudhoe Bay/North Slope oil fields.  
  • Provided services to these three major clients in the areas of: strategic planning, achieving "bench marked" operational excellence in implementing strategies, organizational structuring, leadership development and building leadership teams. Clients started as “greenfield operations” and grew to employ over 12,000 people. 
  • Firm selected by BP as one of its preferred suppliers in the service category. 
  • Established Bellevue, Washington office in 1985 and Hong Kong office in 1989.  The Hong Kong office focused its work on assisting multi-national organizations develop and implement competitive strategies in Asia. 
  • Firm specialized in working with a limited number of large multi-national organizations that required exceptional client focus in order to deal with the complexity of their decision-making at both the local, regional and global levels. 
  • Hallmarks of the firm since inception included customer-focused client service, and building a consulting team to deliver on their service promise. 
  • Major projects undertaken by the firm include the following:

    1. In 1988/89, LLA was selected by British Petroleum to be one of the lead consultants in 
    helping them manage global change for the Exploration Group.  Over four years, Dr. Lane 
    led a team of consultants in developing and delivering the overall change architecture, key 
    change interventions, and focused leadership training on a worldwide basis for the 
    Exploration Group. BP Exploration acknowledged Dr. Lane’s work as having significant 
    operational and financial results, which contributed, to BP's overall turnaround by 1993.  
    In the early 1990’s, LLA developed the concept of “networks” to enhance organizational 
    knowledge sharing and learning for the BP upstream business.  

    2. Over the period 1998 to 1999 LLA established the change architecture and was lead 
    consultant in the Caltex (the overseas marketing arm in thirteen countries for Chevron and 
    Texaco) global organizational change process, leading to a complete functional restructuring 
    and the move to a performance-based organization.  

    3. Dr. Lane served as the lead change consultant for Caltex as they transitioned to a shared 
    services concept from independent country support services and was recognized by Caltex 
    as being one of the key drivers in their move to improved competitiveness and profitability.  

    4. LLA, under Dr. Lane’s leadership and in conjunction with the Chairman of DHL, Mr Po 
    Chung, helped establish the Creative Initiative process in Hong Kong.  This process helps 
    organizations and industry groups in both the public and private sector develop a shared 
    vision of a desired future.  This process has helped a number of Hong Kong organizations 
    develop their blueprint for the future in the post 1997 economic environment.

    Linking Strategy to Organization Structure  
    1. Dr. Lane, working with a small group of internal consultants and senior management, 
    assisted AMOCO Production Corporation to develop a global organization structure and set 
    of aligned leadership practices. This work enabled the organization to carry out a new 
    strategy of more cost efficient focus on exploration and production as illustrated by their 
    discoveries in the Gulf of Mexico, the North Sea and the start-up in 1996 of the largest oil 
    field in the South China Sea.  
    2. Recognized by AMOCO’s Chairman, Mr. Larry Fuller, for a deep personal understanding 
    of the global markets, global competition, and the differentiators required to excel in these 
    areas into the next millennium as one of the key elements in his organizational 
    transformation process toward AMOCO’s becoming a global company.  
    Customer-focus and Strategy  
    1. LLA introduced the concept of building a customer-focused organization to DHL 
    Worldwide Express in Asia Pacific.  
    2. Responsible to the DHL Regional Managing Director, North Asia for the 
    development of a customer-focused strategy, and using customer data to help align 
    marketing strategies, information needs, organizational structure, and leadership practices to 
    completely focus DHL on the current and future requirements of its Asia Pacific customer 
    3. During the period of time 1991-1998 DHL grew to become market leader in the 
    document and small package express business in Asia and positioned itself to be the regional 
    leader in the express logistics business into the next century.  

    4. Personally recognized by Regional Managing Director and DHL’s Chairman for 
    understanding of strategy, marketing, and global competition as a key element in facilitating 
    DHL's strong position in the Asia Pacific market.  
    Cost Reduction and Process Improvement Strategies  
    1. With the beginning of "early maturation" of Asia’s growth market, and forecasted 
    economic turmoil through 1999, Dr. Lane assisted a major Hong Kong based trading 
    company as well as the marketing and distribution arm of a global oil company to establish 
    Shared Services Centres which enabled these organizations to consolidate their "backroom" 
    high volume transaction operations across the region.  
    2. Dr. Lane's understanding of finance, accounting, treasury, human resources, and 
    procurement, process issues, coupled with a customer-focus strategy, enabled both of these 
    organizations to establish leading edge centres that will help position them to be low cost 
    providers of their services into next century.

The Creative Initiative-Strategy Facilitating Experience (1997-2004)
Hong Kong 

  • Original lead facilitator and one of the founders and a Director of the Creative Initiative Foundation in Hong Kong.   
  • As part of the Creative Initiative, facilitated strategy workshops for senior executives and board members of the Logistics community, The Port and Maritime community, the Airport Authority, The American Chamber of Commerce, the Hong Kong Tourism Commission and the Pearl River Delta Foundation. 
  • Efforts resulted in the plan adopted by the Hong Kong Government to formally link Hong Kong’s economy to the growth of the Pearl River Delta. 

Executive Vice President (1973-1977) 
Alaska International Air 

  • Responsible for building the management team, negotiating client contracts, developing operating programs, and establishing management control procedures that enabled the airline to return to profitability within 12 months of his arrival. 
  • Collaborated on leading the organization out of Chapter Eleven to become the leading air cargo carrier during the construction of the Trans-Alaska pipeline. 
  • Served as a lead participant in helping take the company public in 1977. 

Assistant to the Chairman (1971-1973)  
Alaska Airlines 

  • Recruited to the airline to assist with a "turnaround" for this regional carrier that was in significant financial difficulty. 
  • In conjunction with new management team, led the development of the strategy that enabled Alaska to reposition itself as the "Airline of choice flying to and from Alaska".   
  • Instrumental in developing the growth strategy that enabled Alaska to expand into Oregon, California and Arizona after Airline deregulation in the U.S.  
  • Credited by Alaska’s Chairman with identifying the gaps in the served market in Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Phoenix, and establishing operations in these suburban airports where the majority of the population was living and unserved by the major carriers. 
  • The “North-South customer-focused strategy” enabled Alaska Airlines to become one of the leading regional carriers in United States, maintaining consecutive year-on-year profitability for     over 20 years in an extremely competitive market. 

Peat, Marwick Mitchell (1968-1971)  
Senior Consultant 

  • Served as Senior Consultant in the Los Angeles office of this international accounting and consulting firm. 
  • Conducted consulting engagements in the areas of developing competitive strategies and aligned organization structures for Continental Airlines, Union Bank of California; Security National Bank; and numerous medium-size manufacturing companies in the Los Angeles area. 


  • General management positions in line-manufacturing for Pabst Blue Ribbon and Maramont Corporation in the Los Angeles area.


Doctor of Business Administration, May 2003  
Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, OH 

  • Dissertation Title:  From Sitting on Top of the World to Crunched in the Back of the Bus: The Transformation of the U.S. Domestic Airline Industry From 2000-2003.  
  • Dissertation Advisor:  Bo Carlsson, Ph.D. 
    • E. Mandell de Windt Professor of Industrial Economics, Weatherhead School of Management 

Master of Business Administration, 1968   
School of Business          
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA  

Bachelor of Arts, 1963  
University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA  

Teaching Experience

Lecturer-Strategy, Paul Merage School of Business, University of California, Irvine

  • Entrepreneurial Growth Strategy, MIE 2020
  • Competitive Strategy class for Undergraduates, 2017 to present
  • EDGE for MBA’s, 2016, 2018, 2020
  • Global Business (GB I) and International Residential (GB II) for Executive MBAs, 2012-present
  • Competitive Strategy class for Executive and Health Care MBAs, full-time MBAs and Fully Employed MBAs. Beginning in 2004-present 
  • Competitive Intelligence for MBA’s, Fully-Employed MBA’s and Executive Education, 2006-7
    Topics in strategic Innovation for Full-Time and Fully Employed MBA’s

Visiting Lecturer-Global Strategy, Rady School of Business, University of California, San Diego 

  • Global Strategy class for Executive MBA’s (Flex MBA), 2006 

Adjunct Professor-Strategy, California State University, Fullerton 

  • Capstone Strategy Class for Business Administration Seniors in summer 2003, spring 2003 and International Strategy in fall 2003. 

Adjunct Professor-Strategy, California State University, San Marcos 

  • Capstone Strategy Class for Business Administration Seniors at CSUSM as well as the strategy class for MBAs, in fall 2002 and spring 2003 respectively. 

Adjunct Professor, Monterey Institute for International Studies—Fisher Graduate School of Business 

  • International Consulting class for MBAs at MIIS, spring 2003, November 2003, April 2004, October 2004, November 2005 and 2006.

Other Teaching Experience:

MIT Executive Education, “Leading Enterprise Transformation, 2018 to present

Merage Institute, Lean Launchpad Program, Jerusalem, 2018 to present

Merage Institute, U.S Israel Innovation Bridge, Executive Leadership program, 2012 to present

Merage Foundation U.S. Israel Innovation Bridge Program and Lean Launchpad program in Jerusalem

Lectures on leadership and global strategy. 

  • University of Chicago-Graduate School of Business Administration 
  • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 
  • Motorola University and Nortel’s Executive Development programs in the Asia Pacific Region 

Lead instructor for “Developing Global Strategy”.  

  • Hong Kong Bank’s Senior Executive Strategy and  Managing Global Risk Program. Developed and served as lead instructor for the strategy portion of the program.


  • Caro, F., L. Lane, A. Sáez De Tejada Cuenca. 2020. Can Brands Claim Ignorance? Unauthorized Subcontracting in Apparel Supply Chains. Management Science forthcoming
  • Lane, L.D. and Verlinda, J.,  November, 2005.  “The Effect of the Internet on Pricing in the Airline Industry.”  International Journal of Industrial Organization.   (Under review)


  • Lane, Leonard, “The Power of Benchmarking”, New York, Lexingford Publishing, 2017
  • Lane, Leonard, Ratcliffe, Michael., “Competing in a Digital World, Using Artificial Intelligence to Win in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world,” New York, Lexingford Publishing, December 2020

Military Service

United States Marine Corps (1963-1971.  Includes active duty and reserve time)  


  • Sailing
  • Triathloning (three-time Ironman finisher)


Quarter / Year Program Course Number Course Title
2005, 2012 FTMBA International Business
2006 to 2007 FEMBA, FTMBA Business Strategy
2008 to 2009 FEMBA Principles of Innovation
2008 to 2009, 2012 FEMBA Business Strategy
2009 to 2013 FTMBA Competitive Intelligence
2010 to 2011 EMBA, HCEMBA Business Strategy
2010 to 2011 EMBA Closing Residential
2012 to 2020 EMBA Business Strategy
2013 to 2019 EMBA Global Business and International Residential
2014-2021 FEMBA, FTMBA Competitive Intelligence
2017 to 2018 FTMBA Sustainability as Competitive Advantage
2018 to 2020 Undergraduate Business Strategy
2020 MIE Entrepreneurial Growth Strategy
2020 EMBA Global Business
2019-2021 FEMBA EDGE