Marco Minciullo

Marco Minciullo

Assistant Specialist

SB2 324  

Research Interest

Corporate Governance

CEO Turnover


Corporate Social Responsibility

Strategic Philanthropy

Business in Emerging Markets

Marco Minciullo obtained his PhD in Management in 2012 at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, Italy. He is currently Post-doctoral researcher at Università Cattolica of Piacenza (Italy) and Research fellow at ALTIS-Postgraduate School Business & Society.  At Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore he is currently Adjunct Professor of “Doing Business in Emerging Markets”, as well Teaching Assistant of “Introduction to Management” and “Corporate Strategy”. In addition, he has been teaching for five years at executive training seminars, mainly on Green Management and Sustainability issues.

He is also Visiting Researcher at Blekinge Tekniska Hogskola (Karlskrona - Sweden), Universidade Catòlica Portuguesa (Lisbon - Portugal), Loyola Instute of Business Administration (Chennai – India), Universidade Catòlica do Moçambique (Nampula – Mozambique), and Universidad Austral (Buenos Aires – Argentina).

Dr. Minciullo has published various articles, book chapters and reports in the areas of CSR, Strategic Philanthropy and Environmental Sustainability.  He has been also involved in international consulting projects, from India to Mozambique, working with partners such as Future-Generali, an Indian-based insurance company, and Universidade Catòlica do Moçambique. His awards include the "PM Italia Campus - Empowering Research Award”, promoted by Phillip Morris Italia S.p.A. in 2015 for a Research Project in the field of Business Model Innovation, and the Italian Research in Philanthropy Awards (IRPAs) in 2011, promoted by the University of Turin (Italy)  for a research project in the field of Corporate Philanthropy.


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