Robin Keller

Robin Keller


SB2 327

949.824.6348    Personal website  


PhD, University of California, Los Angeles
MBA, University of California, Los Angeles
BA, University of California, Los Angeles

Research Interest

Creative Problem Structuring

Cross-Cultural Decision Making

Fairness in Decision Making

Decision Analysis Theory and Applications

Medical Decision Making

Multiple Attribute Decision Making

Probability Judgments

Ambiguity of Probabilities or Outcomes

Risk Analysis for Terrorism, Environmental, Health, and Safety Risks

Time Preferences and Discounting

Utility Models

Models of Risk

L. Robin Keller’s decision analysis research spans the areas of multiple attribute decision making, fairness, perceived risk, probability biases, problem structuring, temporal discounting, and planning protection against terrorism, environmental, health, and safety risks.

Prof. Keller joined UCI in 1982 after graduating from UCLA. She has served many roles in the school, including the Doctoral Program Director (most recently from 2009-2013), Associate Dean (for the Full-time MBA Program and for Research), and Area Coordinator for Operations and Decision Technologies.

Dr. Keller received the 2015 Ramsey Medal for distinguished contributions to decision analysis, from the Decision Analysis Society of INFORMS. She was elected the 2014 President-elect of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS), 2015 INFORMS President, and 2016 INFORMS Past President. She was named a Fellow of the INFORMS in October 2004 for her contributions to operations research and management science and she received the 2006 Kimball Medal from INFORMS. She has also served as Vice President-Finance and Council Member of the Institute of Management Sciences and was a founding Director-at-Large of INFORMS. She is also a past president of the Decision Analysis Society of INFORMS.  She was the Editor-in-Chief of Decision Analysis, published by INFORMS, from 2007-2012.

Prof. Keller served on the National Academy of Sciences Committee on Ranking FDA Product Categories Based on Health Consequences and as the decision analyst on another committee examining radiation protection in the event of a nuclear incident due to an accident or terrorism. She also served on the U.S. National Committee for the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), from 2007-2012. 

Dr. Keller served as a program director for the Decision, Risk, and Management Science Program of the U.S. National Science Foundation from 1989-1991, and has conducted studies funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation, Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. She has published more than 60 journal articles, technical reports, book chapters and reviews.


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Selected Journal Articles

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Selected Chapters in Books

  • Candice H. Huynh, Jay Simon, L. Robin Keller, “Decision Technologies”, slated for Sept. 2015 publication. Invited chapter 32 in volume II, in Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Judgment and Decision Making- 2 Volume Set, eds. Gideon Keren and George Wu. Malden (MA): Blackwell (pages 903-923). ISBN: 978-1-118-46839-5.
  • Stuart Eriksen, Candice H. Huynh, and L. Robin Keller. 2013. “Decision Trees” in Saul I. Gass and Michael C. Fu (eds.) Encyclopedia of Operations Research & Management Science, 3rd edition. Springer London, Limited,  ISBN 1441911545, 9781441911544, [Chapter PDF](7 pages).  Updated version of chapter by Eriksen and Keller, in Saul I. Gass and Carl M. Harris (eds.), Encyclopedia of Operations Research and Management Science, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Hingham, MA, 1996, pp. 159-161; second centennial edition
  • Jay Simon, Yitong Wang, and L. Robin Keller, online 2010, January 2011 in print, “Paradoxes and violations of normative decision theory” Encyclopedia of Operations Research and Management Science, Hoboken (NJ): Wiley. [Chapter PDF](7 pages)
  • L. Robin Keller, Tianjun Feng, and Yitong Wang, online 2010, January 2011 in print, “Fairness and equity in societal decision analysis,” Encyclopedia of Operations Research and Management Science, Hoboken (NJ): Wiley; 2010. [Chapter PDF](9 pages)
  • Yitong Wang, L. Robin Keller, and Jay Simon, online 2010, January 2011 in print, “Descriptive models of perceived risk,” Encyclopedia of Operations Research and Management Science, Hoboken (NJ): Wiley. [Chapter PDF](9 pages)
  • L. Robin Keller, Tianjun Feng and Yitong Wang, online 2010, January 2011 in print, “Measures of risk equity,” Encyclopedia of Operations Research and Management Science, Hoboken (NJ): Wiley. In press. [Chapter PDF](12 pages)
  • L. Robin Keller, Jay Simon, Yitong Wang, 2009, “Multiple objective decision analysis involving multiple stakeholders,” Chapter 7 in Mohammad R. Oskoorouchi (ed.) Tutorials in Operations Research- Decision Technologies and Applications, Hanover, MD: Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences. [Chapter PDF](17 pages)
  • S. David Brazer and L. Robin Keller (2008), “A design research approach to investigating educational decision making,” in Handbook of Design Research Methods in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Learning and Teaching, Kelly, A. E., Lesh, R.A., & Baek, J. Y. (Eds.), Routledge, Taylor and Francis: New York, 284-296.
  • Dipayan Biswas, L. Robin Keller, Bidisha Burman (2007), “Making Probability Judgments of Future Product Failures: Packing versus Unpacking the Problem” 2007 Association for Consumer Research Conference Proceedings
    [5 page extended abstract]
  • Monika I. Winn and L. Robin Keller, “Harnessing Complexity, Idiosyncrasy and Time: A Modeling Methodology for Corporate Multi-Stakeholder Decisions” in Donna J. Wood and Duane Windsor (eds.), International Association for Business and Society 1999 Proceedings of Tenth Annual Conference held in Paris, France, June 1999, 482-487.
  • Stuart Eriksen and L. Robin Keller, “Decision Trees” in Saul I. Gass and Carl M. Harris (eds.), Encyclopedia of Operations Research and Management Science, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Hingham, MA, 1996, pp. 159-161; second centennial edition, 2001, pp. 202-205, ISBN 0-7923-7827-X
  • Ivy Broder and L. Robin Keller, “Fairness of Distribution of Risks with Applications to Antarctica” in Barbara Mellers and Jonathan Baron (eds.), Psychological Perspectives on Justice: Theory and Application, Cambridge University Press, Ch. 14, pp. 292-312, 1993.
  • L. Robin Keller, “Properties of Utility Theories and Related Empirical Phenomena” in Ward Edwards (ed.), Utility Theories: Measurements and Applications, Kluwer, 1992 (hardback), pp. 3-23. (Also in paperback, 1993, Kluwer.)
  • L. Robin Keller and Joanna Ho, “Decision Problem Structuring” in Andrew Sage (ed.), Concise Encyclopedia of Information Processing in Systems and Organizations, Oxford, England: Pergamon Press, 1989, pp. 103-110.
  • L. Robin Keller and William E. Lambert, “Multiattribute Utility Modeling of Cardiac Health Effects from Carbon Monoxide Exposure” in Y. Sawaragi, K. Inoue, and H. Nakayama (eds.), Toward Interactive and Intelligent Decision Support Systems, Volume 2, 1987; in Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems series, Volume 286, Springer Verlag, Berlin, pp. 200-209.
  • L. Robin Keller and Moshe F. Rubinstein, “A Decision Model Framework for a Class of Societal Problems” in Applied Numerical Modeling:  Proceedings of the Second International Conference, held at the Madrid Polytechnic University, Spain, September 1978, ed. by E. Alarcon and C. Brebbia, Pentech Press, London, England, 1979, pp. 41-52.
  • Moshe F. Rubinstein, L. Robin Keller, and Edward A. Kazmarek, “Patterns of Problem Solving: A Campus wide Course at UCLA” in James Lubkin, ed., The Teaching of Elementary Problem Solving in Engineering and Related Fields, American Society for Engineering Education, One Dupont Circle, Suite 400, Washington, D.C., 1980, pp. 11-20. [Abstract]

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Journal Editorials


  • Ramsey Medal for distinguished contributions to decision analysis, the highest award from the Decision Analysis Society of INFORMS, 2015
  • Best Reviewer for Risk Analysis, 2010
  • UCI Merage School of Business Faculty Service Award, June 2008
  • Recognized in Who’s Who in Science and Engineering
  • Kimball Medal Recipient for 2006, presented at Pittsburgh INFORMS conference, for distinguished service contributions to Operations Research and the Management Sciences.
  • Tianjun Feng, L. Robin Keller, and Xiaona Zheng, “Home Depot in San Juan Capistrano: Multi-objective Multi-stakeholder Decision Case,” Fall 2005, Presentation at INFORMS conference Case Competition sponsored by INFORMS Forum on Education, recipient of Finalist award.
  • INFORMS Fellow, awarded Oct. 25, 2004, for contributions to Operations Research and the Management Sciences
  • Winner of the “Breaking the Frame Award” at Western Academy of Management meeting in March 2002 by the Journal of Management Inquiry for best paper of 2001, co-authored with GSM doctoral alumna Prof. Monika I. Winn of University of Victoria.
  • UCI Graduate School of Management Faculty Service Award, May 1993.
  • UCI Graduate School of Management Excellence in Teaching Award, to the best teacher of the year, upon vote by students, 1982-83, 1985-86.
  • Decision Analysis Society of INFORMS, finalist in 1999 student paper competition (for papers with student as lead author) for Guyse, Keller, and Eppel’s “Valuing Environmental Outcomes: Preferences for Constant or Improving Sequences.”
  • UCLA Graduate School of Management Outstanding Graduate, 1982-83. Recognition of academic distinction upon vote by faculty and sponsored by UCLA Alumni Association.
  • UCLA Academic Senate's Special Commendation as a Teaching Assistant, 1975-76.
  • Member of Beta Gamma Sigma, the national business honorary society.
  • Listed in Who's Who in the West, Who's Who of Emerging Leaders in America, Who's Who in American Education, Who's Who in California, International Directory of Distinguished Leadership Dictionary of International Biography, 2000 Notable American Women, and International Who's Who of Professional and Business Women.


  • USC CREATE Center (subcontract from Department of Homeland Security funds), “The Effects of Time on Anticipated Consequences of Risks,” Keller (PI), Yitong Wang (student investigator), March 2011-Sept. 2011, $19,982; Oct. 2011-Sept. 2012, $15,000 (Candice Huynh and Yuhong He, student investigators).
  • The John S. and Marilyn Long Institute for U.S.-China Business and Law, $5000 grant on 7-2-2011 to Tianjun Feng (Fudan University), L. Robin Keller, and Yitong Wang (Tsinghua University), “A Cross-national Study of Food Safety Management: Comparisons between the United States and China”.
  • National Science Foundation Dissertation Grant, 2010-2011, “Doctoral Dissertation Research in DRMS: Decision Research on Time, Risk, and Ambiguity.” Keller (PI), Yitong Wang (Co-PI). $6,270.
  • UCI Environment Institute Grant, Winter 2009-, Principal Investigators: Bill Tomlinson (Informatics), Brett Sanders (Civil & Environmental Engineering), and Robin Keller (Merage School), “Using IT to Compress Perceived Time and Space in How People Think About Global Change: A Step Towards Behavioral Change.” $12,051 to Keller and RAs, total $48,000= $38,000 from Institute + $10,000 from UCI UWRC.
  • National Science Foundation, L R. Keller (PI) and Jay Simon (co-PI), to University of California, Irvine, Proposal ID  SES-0823458, “Doctoral Dissertation Research in DRMS:  Cross-Disciplinary Analyses Using Multi-Attribute Utility Theory,” submitted Feb. 7,  2008, notified of recommended funding 5-28-2008, $5,200. To support Jay Simon’s dissertation expenses.  (Start date 8-1-08, 12 months.)   The e-Synopsis for the project: At the prompts, enter the following information:  Award Number:  SES-0823458 , Synopsis Cycle:  1.
  • National Science Foundation, Research Center to Arizona State University, “Decision Center for a Desert City” for a 5 year Center grant, $6.9 million, 2004-2009, subsequently extended for another 5 year term. Keller serves on decision research team with Craig Kirkwood of ASU, Supported former doctoral students Tianjun Feng (non-salary research) and Jay Simon (RA support) and partial faculty summer salary in summer 2009.
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, “Identification and Control of Non-Point Sources of Microbial Pollution in a Coastal Wetland,” Co-Principal Investigator with PI Brett Sanders, UCI Dept. of Civil and Environmental Research, grant R-82801101-0, 8/1/00-7/31/04, $895,234, with $145,020, under Keller’s supervision on stakeholders’ perspectives.  (Supporting Dipayan Biswas, Xiaona Zheng, & Tianjun Feng.)
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, "Assessing Preferences for Environmental Decisions with Long-Term Consequences," Principal Investigator L. Robin Keller, $181,851, 8/1/98 - 7/31/2001, under EPA/NSF STAR Partnership for Environmental Research EPA grant R826611-01-0, and a subcontract to Decision Insights, Inc., Dr. Thomas Eppel.  (Supported Jeff Guyse’s doctoral dissertation work.)  

Editorial Appointments

Decision Analysis Editor-in-Chief
Founding Member of
Editorial Board, 2004-
EURO Journal on Decision Processes Founding Member of Editorial Board, 2012-
Management Science Decision Analysis
Departmental Editor
Associate Editor
1989-March 1994
Journal of Risk and Uncertainty Editorial Board
1995-February 2011
Journal of Behavioral Decision Making Editorial Board
Winter 1994-Fall 2010
Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes Editorial Board
Jan. 2000–June 30, 2004


Doctoral Proseminar

  • PHD297A- Fall 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

Analysis of the central theories and theoretical controversies in the field of management. Examination of the formal education for managerial careers and exploration of issues relating to professional careers in research and scholarship in the field of management.

Decision Analysis

  • Health Care Executive MBA 283 - Spring 2011, 2012
  • Full-time  MBA 283 - Spring 2012, 2013, Winter 2014, Spring 2016
  • Fully Employed MBA 283 - Spring 2018

Models of preferences and uncertainty; exercises in creative problem solving. The assessment and use of preference models (von Neumann-Morgenstern expected utility and measurable value functions) for private, public, and not-for-profit decision making. The assessment and use of subjective probabilities in decision making.

Decision Theory

  • PhD 297T - Spring 2011, 2013; Fall 2014, Spring 2017

Doctoral level seminar on decision theory and behavioral decision theory. 

Management Science

  • Health Care MBA 201B- Fall 2013, Fall 2014, Fall 2015

Operations Analytics 

  • Health Care MBA 201B- Fall 2016, Fall 2017

Decision analysis, optimization, Monte Carlo simulation methods  (assisted by Excel and Treeage software) for business, health care  and personal decision making.

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