Sreya Kolay

Sreya Kolay

Assistant Professor, Marketing

SB2 328

949.824.0033    Personal website  


PhD, University of Rochester
MA, University of Rochester
MS, Indian Statistical Institute, India
BS, Presidency College, India

Research Interest

Game Theory

Pricing & Promotion Strategies

Distribution Channel Management

Product Line Design

Durable Good Pricing

Product Bundling

Sreya Kolay’s research interest is in analytical modeling of marketing problems using game theory and economic analysis. Her research examines firms’ marketing decisions relating to pricing, promotion, product design, and channel management under various market conditions.  She has published in top Marketing and Industrial Organization journals such as Management Science, International Journal of Research in Marketing, Journal of Industrial Economics and Journal of Economics and Management Strategy.

Dr. Kolay’s teaching interests include core marketing principles, pricing strategy, and distribution strategy. In her courses, she aims to combine rigorous and in-depth analysis of marketing fundamentals and firm strategies with a broad and topical understanding of real-life marketing challenges.

Dr. Kolay received her PhD in Economics from the University of Rochester, and worked as an associate at The Brattle Group (an economic consultancy firm) in Cambridge, MA prior to joining the Paul Merage School of Business as an Assistant Professor of Marketing.

Research & Publications

Research Interests

  • Pricing & Promotion Strategies, e.g., designing optimum pricing contracts in various market models
  • Vertical market issues, Distribution Channels, e.g., examining pricing schemes that achieve channel coordination in various channel frameworks;
  • Advertising, e.g., examining effects of persuasive and comparative advertisements
  • Durable goods, e.g., topics like leasing, strategic buyers.

Journal Articles, Peer-Reviewed 

  • Kolay, S., Shaffer, G. (2003). Bundling and Menus of Two-Part Tariffs. Journal of Industrial Economics, 51, 383-404. 
  • Kolay, S., Shaffer, G., Ordover, J. (2004). All-units Discounts in Retail Contracts. Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 13(3), 429-459. 
  • Kahana, N., Gotlibovski, C., Kolay, S., Shaffer, G. (2008). Bundling and Menus of Two-Part Tariffs: Comment. Journal of Industrial Economics, LVI(4), 1-11. 
  • Kolay, S., Shaffer, G. (2013). Contract Design with a Dominant Retailer and a Competitive Fringe. Management Science, 59(9), 2111-2116. 
  • Kolay, S. (2015). When can a Durable Goods Seller Price Discriminate Intertemporally? Review of Marketing Science, 13(1), 41 – 58. 
  • Kolay, S. (2015). Manufacturer-provided Services vs. Retailer-provided Services: Effect on Product Quality, Channel Profits and Consumer Welfare. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 32(2), 124 – 154. 
  • Kolay, S., Tyagi, R.K. (2018). Product Similarity and Cross-Price Elasticity, Review of Industrial Organization, 52(1), 85 – 100. 
  • Kolay, S. (2018). Tie-in Contracts with Downstream Competition, Quantitative Marketing and Economics, forthcoming. 
  • Kolay, S., Tyagi, R.K. (2018). Consumer Heterogeneity and Surplus under Two-Part Pricing, B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, forthcoming. 

Papers Under Review & Completed Working papers 

  • Kolay, S., Shaffer, G. Reverse-Fixed Payments in Distribution Channels with a Dominant Retailer, revise and resubmit, Marketing Science
  • Kolay, S., Tyagi, R. K. Bundling of Events, revise and resubmit, Marketing Science
  • Kolay, S., Tyagi, R.K. On the Effects of Raised Rival’s Costs, revise and resubmit, Review of Industrial Organization
  • Kolay, S. A Model of Cause-related Marketing.

Fellowships, Scholarships and Awards

  • Graduate Fellowship & Tuition Scholarship, University of Rochester, 1999-2003
  • Summer Research Grant, University of Rochester, 2000
  • MS Fellowship, Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta, 1997-99
  • B.Sc. Merit Scholarship, University of Calcutta, 1997