Suheyong Choi

Suheyong Choi

Associate Researcher  


PhD, Pusan National University

Research Interest

Human Resource Management and Organization Management

Strategic Management of Small and Medium Company


Organizational Culture

Core Competence of Hidden Champion

Corporate Social Responsibility

Creating Shared Value

Suheyong Choi is currently a professor in the Department of Business Administration at Pusan National University, located in South Korea. He received a PhD in Business Management from the same university in 1997. Pusan National University ranks in top two public universities in Korea today. His primary research focuses on Start-up companies, Entrepreneurship, Corporate Shared Value (CSV), Transformational Leadership and Organizational Culture. Also has strong interests in learning and studying Strategic Innovations of the U.S. conglomerates, such as Amazon, Facebook and Google.

Selected Publications

  • International Management(Seoul: Sigma Press, 2015)
  • Management on Era of Economic Democracy(Seoul:  P&C Media, 2013)
  • Organizational Behavior(Seoul: Daemyung Press, 2012)
  • Understanding of Organizational Behavior(Seoul: BakYoung Press, 2012)
  • Research of Business Case(Seoul: Daemyung Press, 2011)

Journal & Articles

  •  "A Study of relation between Education-training cost and Management Performance of Hospital" (with Sunshim Han, Dukyoung Cho), Management Information Review, Vol. 34, No. 3, (2015), pp. 317-329.
  •  "A Study on Effect of Medicine Policy to the Strategy and Business Performance of Medicine Industry" (with Jaehoon Jung and Dukyoung Cho), Korea Society of Health Service Management Journal, Vol. 9, No.4, (2015), pp. 157-169.
  •  "A Research on Effect of Corporate’s Competitive Advantage to the R&D Investment in Small and Medium Enterprise" (with ChulanChoi), Management Information Review, Vol. 33, No. 1 (2014), pp. 79-117.
  •  "Impact of Group Performance on Trust about Associate" (with Heekyoung Kang and Anna), Human Resource Management Review, Vol. 22, No. 1, (2015), pp. 147-169.