Vibhanshu Abhishek

Vibhanshu Abhishek

Associate Professor
Information Systems

SB1 3215  


PhD in OPIM, University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)
MA in Statistics, University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)
BTech in Computer Science, Indian Institute of Technology - Kanpur

Research Interest

Technology-enabled markets

Digital Advertising


Online Platforms


Causal Inference

Vibhanshu Abhishek is an Associate Professor of Information Systems the Paul Merage School of Business, University of California - Irvine. His research focuses on the effect of emerging technologies on consumers' behavior, business strategy and market structure. He is particularly interested in multi-channel coordination and examines issues in multi-channel retail, advertising and pricing. He studies how consumers respond to different forms of advertising and how companies can strategically use new advertising channels to connect with their consumers. He also examines the dynamics of e-commerce marketplaces and their interaction with traditional retail. More recently, he is interested in understanding consumer behavior in the presence of shared urban mobility systems.

Dr. Abhishek has published in top management journals like Operations Research, Marketing Science, Management Science, MIS Quarterly and Journal of Interactive Marketing. He is also a recipient of the Google Faculty research award, Adobe Faculty grant, Flipkart research grand and has won several awards like the ISA-INFORMS best paper award, CIST best student paper award and the ISS Nunamaker-Chen Dissertation award.

His research has been cited in popular press outlets such as the Sloan Management Review, NY Times, Forbes, Fortune, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Seattle times and Wall Street Journal. He has worked with several firms including McKinsey & Co., Sequoia Capital, Pirates, LEGO, Adobe, FICO, IBM and Omnicom and advises hi-tech startups.

He received a PhD in Operations and Information Management and a M.A. in Statistics from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. He also holds a B.Tech in Computer Science from IIT Kanpur. Before joining UC Irvine, Dr. Abhishek was an Assistant Professor of Information Systems at the Heinz College, Carnegie Mellon University.



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  • Excellence in Teaching Award, Paul Merage School of Business, UC Irvine 2019

  • MSI Young Scholar, Class of 2019

  • Winner, NABE Tech Economics Conference, Poster Competition, 2018

  • Best Paper Award, DH, 2018

  • Mobility 21 Research Grant, 2017

  • Best Reviewer Award, Information Systems Research 2017

  • Winner, NABE Tech Economics Conference, Poster Competition, 2017

  • Best Student Paper Award, Finalist (Zhe Zhang), POMS Supply Chain Track, 2017

  • Google Faculty Research Award, 2016

  • Adobe Faculty Research Grant, 2016

  • Flipkart Research Grant, 2016

  • WCAI Data Grant, 2015

  • Best Student Paper Award, Finalist (Yi-Chin Lin), INFORMS, 2015

  • Best Student Paper Award (Jing Gong), CIST-INFORMS, 2014

  • CSWIM Best Paper Award, Finalist, 2014

  • ISA INFORMS Best Paper Award, Runner-Up, 2013

  • ISS Nunamaker-Chen Dissertation Award, Runner-Up, 2013

  • PNC Center for Financial Innovation Award, 2013

  • Berkman Faculty Award, 2013

  • Best Student Paper Award, CIST-INFORMS, 2011

  • Mack Center for Technological Innovation Grant, 2011

  • WCAI Data Grant, 2010

  • Patty and J. Baker Fellowship, 2009-2012 

  • Duke-Columbia-UCLA Quant Marketing Workshop, 2010

  • Doctoral Travel Award, 2010 

  • Nominated for the Winkelman Fellowship, 2009

  • Marketing Science Institute Grant, 2009

  • Wharton Doctoral Fellowship, 2007-2011

  • Best B.Tech Project – IIT Kanpur, Finalist 2003. Project on Adaptive Robotics

  • All India Rank of 87 in IIT Joint Entrance Exam, 1999 (99.94 %tile)

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