Xuan Huang

Xuan Huang


SB2 324 - office hours only  


PhD, University of California - Irvine
Master, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Bachelor, Soochow University - China

Research Interest

Earnings management

Tone analysis

Limited attention

Xuan Huang is an Associate Professor in the Accounting department at California State University, Long Beach. She received a Bachelor's degree in International Business, MA in Communication and PhD in Accounting. Her primary area of expertise is earnings management, tone analysis and limited attention. Her research focuses on texual analysis on financial reports.

Selected Publications, News & Honors

(1) Zhang, S., J. W. Paul and X. Huang. 2013. AKM Mortgages, Inc. Issues in Accounting Education 28(4): 1031-1052.

(2) Huang, X., S. H. Teoh, and Y. Zhang. 2014. Tone management. The Accounting Review 89(3):1083-1113.

(3) Huang, X., S. Krishnan, and P. Lin. 2016. Readability of compensation discussion and analysis: the impact of the Plain English initiative. International Journal of Services and Standards  11(1):20-42.

(4) Huang, X. and F. Kang. 2018. Company reputation and auditor choice: evidence from Fortune 1000 companies. Accounting Research Journal, forthcoming.

(5) Huang, X., A. Nekrasov, and S. H. Teoh. November 2018. Headline Salience and Over- and Underreactions to Earnings. The Accounting Review.


Quarter / Year Program Course Number Course Title

Summer Session II



Principles of Accounting