Aaron Werth

Aaron Werth


SB1 3232 - for office hours only  


BA, Accountancy, University of Oregon

Research Interest

Audit Analytics

Aaron is an Managing Director who currently leads Analytics and Visualization in Deloitte’s Audit Innovation practice.

After starting on the traditional CPA track with Price Waterhouse, Aaron discovered he had a passion for using data and technology in the Audit. During his 16 years at PwC, he took on a variety of challenging roles, including working in the consulting and advisory practices, taking a tour of duty in Audit Methodology in NYC, and launching PWC’s Swiss Data Assurance practice while leading Swiss Forensic Technology.

In 2013, Aaron accepted a position on ACL software’s executive leadership team. He moved to Vancouver and led ACL’s client service division, approximately 70 professionals across North American and Asia.

Seeking additional challenges and looking to get back to his public accounting roots, Aaron leapt at the opportunity to join Deloitte’s Audit Innovation practice where he works with Audit teams to develop cutting-edge analytics and visualizations. Leveraging technology, working closely with field auditors and methodology specialists, his team improves audit effectiveness while delivering additional value to clients.

Combining his audit and CPA background with data science skills and industry expertise from work on hundreds of clients, Aaron designs and implements analytics supporting both traditional methodology as well as envelope-pushing change.

During his first year, he participated in the Deloitte Audit Innovation Challenge. Among more than 250 submitted ideas, Deloitte leadership selected his team as a finalist. After presenting the idea for a data gathering, repository, and processing platform (Cortex) in “Shark Tank” fashion to Deloitte’s Audit leadership, Aaron and team proudly accepted “Best Idea” award in Deloitte’s first ever Audit Innovation Challenge and the vision of Cortex is underway at Deloitte today.

Aaron promotes the use of analytics internally at Deloitte and has contributed to several audit proposals. He also enjoys speaking at external eminence events, promoting Deloitte’s innovation practice at AAA conferences, Deloitte Foundation/FSA and other recruiting events.

Aaron is a CPA and CFE and holds a BA in Accountancy from the University of Oregon. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California and has two sons, Maxwell (7) and Rémy (3). Former hobbies included SCUBA, travel, and surfing, but now mostly consist of wrangling his energetic sons and attending little league, basketball and soccer games.