Cristina del Campo

Cristina del Campo

Visiting Professor
Operations and Decision Technologies

SB2 422  


PhD in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence), Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain)
MS in Statistics and Operational Research, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
BS in Mathematics, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

Research Interest

Multivariate Analysis

Decision Science

ICT in Education

Fuzzy Implications

Cristina del Campo is a tenured Associate Professor of Decision Sciences at the Economics and Business School at the Univeridad Complutense de Madrid (Spain). Prior to that she worked in the Spanish National Institute for Aerospace Technology (INTA). She holds a PhD on Computer Science as well as a MSc in Statistics and Operational Research.
Her main research areas are multivariate analysis applied to the socio-economic description of local economies, Fuzzy Implications and using ICT in education. In addition to her research publications, she has published several manuals on Decision Analysis and basic Statistics. She is also co-director of a interdisciplinary project financed by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness to analyze the linguistic, cultural and academic challenges of English as Medium of Instruction undergraduate degrees. 


Selected Publications

  • C. del Campo, J. Bai, L.R. Keller (2019). Comparing Markov and non-Markov alternatives for cost-effectiveness analysis: Insights from a cervical cancer case. Operations Research for Health Care, 21, 32-43.
  • M.M. Camacho-Miñano & C. del Campo (2017). The role of creativity in entrepreneurship: An empirical study on Business undergraduates. Education + Training, 59 (7/8), 672-688.
  • M.M. Camacho-Miñano & C. del Campo (2016). Useful interactive teaching tool for learning: clickers in higher education. Interactive Learning Environments 24 (4), 706–723.
  • C. del Campo, S. Pauser, E. Steiner, & R. Vetschera (2016). Decision making styles and the use of heuristics in decision making. Journal of Business Economics 86 (4), 389-412.
  • M. Akpinar, C. del Campo, & E. Eryarsoy (2015). Learning effects of an international group competition project, Innovations in Education and Teaching International 52(2), 160-171.
  • C. del Campo, C.M.F. Monteiro, & J.O. Soares (2008).The European regional policy and the socio-economic diversity of European regions: A multivariate analysis, European Journal of Operational Research, 187 (2), 600-612.
  • E. Trillas, C. del Campo & S. Cubillo (2000). When QM-operators Are Implications Functions And Conditional Relations, International Journal of Intelligent Systems, 15 (7), 647-655.

For a complete and updated list of her publications, please, visit her Google Scholar profile.


  • PhD Level: Data Analysis
  • Master Level: Data Analysis, Decision Analysis, Didactics of High School Statistics
  • Undergraduate Level: Business Statistics, Decision Analysis, Management Science, Algebra, Calculus, Actuarial Statistics