Heajung Jung

Heajung Jung

Visiting Associate Researcher
Organization and Management  


PhD UCLA Anderson School of Management, HROB
BA/MA Seoul National University, Psychology

Research Interest

Emotion at work

Decision making bias


Diversity and inclusion

Heajung Jung is an Associate Professor at School of Business, Konkuk University in Seoul, Korea and currently a Visiting Associate Researcher at Paul Merage School, UCI. She received her Ph.D in Human Resources and Organizational Behavior from Anderson School of Management, UCLA and her M.A/B.A. in Psychology from Seoul National University. Her research focuses on emotion at work, specifically how emotion experiences shape decision making and influence creativity and work behavior. Her work has been published in academic journals such as Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, Cognition and Emotion, Journal of Vocational Behavior. 

Selected Publications

  • Jung, H., & Young, M. J. (2019). Motivated to confront: How experiencing anger affects anchoring bias. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 32, 493-503.
  • Oo, E., Jung, H., & Park, I. J. (2018). Psychological factors linking perceived CSR to OCB: the role of organizational pride, collectivism, and person–organization fit. Sustainability, 10(7), 2481.
  • Jung. H., Park, I., & Rie, J. (2015). Future time perspective and career decisions: The moderating effects of affect spin. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 89, 46-55. 
  • Jung, H., & Young, M. J. (2012). The de-biasing effect of anger for other-provided anchors. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 25(5), 435-442.
  • Young, M. J., Tiedens, L. Z., Jung, H., & Tsai, M. (2011). Mad enough to see the other side: Anger and the information search. Cognition and Emotion, 25(1), 10-21.