Jody Giles

Jody Giles


Shared Lecturer Suite (SB1-3232) - for office hours only  


MBA, Pepperdine University
BA in Business Computer Systems, University of New Mexico

Research Interest

Technology Leadership

Business Innovation

Mr. Jody Giles has an intense and successful background in culture and technology leadership for several great global brands. For 10 years, he served as SVP and CIO for Under Armour, the extremely fast growing and dynamic success story based in Baltimore, Maryland. During his tenure, he also did “double duty” serving as the head of their Retail stores and SVP of Product Operations. He proudly maintains the title of “Executive Emeritus” at UA.

Prior to assuming the challenges at Under Armour, Jody’s career was based in Southern California, where he served as:

  • CIO for Vans, Inc (which supported his love of surfing)
  • CIO for Virgin Interactive (producing video games)
  • Executive Director of Systems for Paramount Pictures
  • Jody began his career in the Natural Gas industry.

Jody has served as Executive MBA Professor of Information Systems and Technology Management for the Graziadio School of Business at Pepperdine University and founded Exhort Advisors, a technology consulting practice based in Southern California.