Russel Nelson

Russel Nelson

Lecturer and Assistant Specialist  

Russ Nelson is an Assistant Professor at Northwestern University.  He has a PhD in Marking from the University of California, Irvine. He also holds a BA in Anthropology from Northwestern University. 
Professor Nelson’s research interests consist of empirical modeling of social influence, markets, and strategic decision-making, Bubbles, and fads in financial markets and startup investment decisions, Impact of social status on entrepreneurial outcomes, Evolution of cooperation within decentralized networks.

Honors and Awards

Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium Fellow, 2014

Ray Watson Fellowship, 2013

Kauffman Foundation Dissertation Fellowship, 2012

Newkirk Center Fellowship, 2012

Regents Fellowship, UC Irvine, 2010-2014

Northwestern University College Scholar Award, 2001

Selected Publications

2017, Temptation's itch: Mindlessness, acceptance, and mindfulness in a debt management program; MW Celsi, RP Nelson, S Dellande, MC Gilly, Journal of Business Research
2015, More Money, More Problems: The Role of Budget Flexibility in Debt Repayment Default; R Nelson, M Celsi, S Dellande, MC Gilly, Ideas in Marketing: Finding the New and Polishing the Old
2014, Less Is Core: Consumer Debt Repayment and the Budget Constraint Paradox; R Nelson, M Celsi, M Gilly, S Dellande, ACR North American Advances
2012, Smokers’ Perceptions of Smokeless Tobacco and Harm Reduction; M Sami, D Timberlake, R Nelson, B Goettsch, N Ataian, P Libao, and E Vassile, Journal of Public Health Policy