Seeking Gilly Family Endowed Chair

Seeking Gilly Family Endowed Chair The Merage School is currently seeking a senior scholar to join us as the endowed chair.

The UCI Paul Merage School of Business, initially established in 1965 as the Graduate School of Business, and as part of the University of California, is distinguished as one of the top research institutions globally. Today, the marketing area at the Merage School includes three of the four research areas in marketing scholarship: Consumer Culture Theory, Consumer Behavior, and Quantitative Modeling.

The Marketing area has a long history of scholarship in Consumer Culture Theory (CCT). Since the 1980s, Mary Gilly and Alladi Venkatesh have contributed to CCT through their own scholarship as well as through the training of doctoral students. We are proud of the many CCT scholars who trained at UCI’s Merage School, such as Mary F. Celsi, Steven Chen, Samantha N.N. Cross, Burçak Ertimur, Lisa Peñaloza, Cecilia Ruvalcaba, Hope Jensen Schau, and Mariella Zavala. In addition, the Merage School has been a consistent supporter of CCT (hosting the 2017 Conference), the PhD Project, ACR (with Mary Gilly and Tonya Williams Bradford serving as conference co-chairs), AMA, as well as serving in various capacities in support conferences and on Editorial Review Boards for many journals in the profession.




Given the interdisciplinary nature of CCT, the Merage School and its marketing faculty and doctoral students have examined various aspects of consumer behavior to contribute a better understanding of why consumers do what they do and why consumer culture takes the forms that it does. Similar to the focus of the School on the digital transformation in business generally, our area has contributed research related to technology and its impact on various material, economic, symbolic, institutional, and social relationships, as well as the various impacts on consumers, the marketplace, other institutions, and society. The Merage School is grateful to the Gilly Family in their endowment of a Chair to continue such contributions through publications, doctoral training, and teaching.

The Merage School is currently seeking a senior scholar to join us who has a demonstrated commitment to excellence in research (academic, professional, and/or pedagogic) in CCT. As a research institution, the University of California Irvine also values teaching at all levels—undergraduate, master, and doctoral—and expect a successful candidate to have demonstrated success at each level.

When I joined the Merage School, I was humbled to think of joining an area with contributions to CCT since the 1980s. That legacy, built by Mary and Alladi, is something they dedicated their careers to through research as well as the training and mentoring of many CCT scholars. Their steadfast commitment is something that the Gilly Chair will allow to endure. I’m excited to welcome a senior scholar to join me here to carry this legacy into the future!

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