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New technologies like augmented and virtual reality, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, blockchain, robotics, quantum computing are redefining every industry. Digital platforms, mobile technologies, the Internet of Things and cloud computing are reshaping the global economy. To lead the disruption of today and tomorrow, we need to understand these technologies and master their strategic implications. The UCI Paul Merage School of Business shows you how and we do it using cutting edge technologies in course delivery.

Digital learning at the Merage School is more than a convenience; it’s an experience. Our digital learning team spends months with faculty to develop digital courses that focus on optimizing student learning. With our hybrid Fully Employed MBA classes and the expansion of our BA undergraduate online offerings, we are changing the way our students take digital courses. Our digital learning team focuses on three course design goals: intentionally minimizing transactional distance, incorporating diverse opportunities for learning connections and designing active digital learning experiences. 

Just as the production of goods and services is changing in business, so are we capitalizing on new technologies to build community, provide access and create world class learning experiences. By reconceptualizing the path by which students learn, we are doing our part to build flexibility and access in education, bolstering the American Dream. 

Check out our newest initiative, Launchpad, that prepares our students for taking our digital courses. 

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“We don’t just build digital courses; we create digital learning experiences that serve a learner’s entire academic journey.”

Natalie Blair, Director, Digital Learning