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I. Course Description

This course is organized as a week-long residential in Belgium, hosted by the Catholic University of Leuven (KUL), one of the most famous universities in Europe. The residential will consist of a number of lectures on doing business in Europe, which will be complemented by site visits such as the European Parliament and European companies. Visiting Belgium, a country at the heart of Europe, will also provide a unique cultural experience.

II. Course Preparation

The Global Business GSM 290 class provides a preparation for the residential. I have found that the Leuven speakers give a large amount of information about doing business in Europe. At times, this information is difficult to absorb unless attendees have some prior exposure to the topic being discussed. This was one of the purposes of the Global Business I course. Still, I would encourage students to read the previously listed chapters as this will help to appreciate the lectures much better.

III. Course Requirements

The grade for this course is only Pass or Fail.

To avoid any misunderstanding, the following defines groundrules for grading. Please note that grading is at the entire discretion of the professor.

We expect that the residential will consist of a number of presentations plus site visits. Attendance at all of these ``events'' is compulsory and will be recorded (there will be some free time for visits in Leuven, Brussels and Brugge; you can also take the opportunity to visit Europe before or after the trip). This course also counts as an 8-unit course, which is twice the number of units for regular classes. Therefore, we cannot allow students to miss parts of the residential.

Missing more than 1 event will result in a fail.

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