Government and Public Policy (MGMT 206)
Political analysis as related to management of organizations. Topics include political environment of management, concepts, and processes central to political analysis, bureaucratic politics, politics and the manager.

Managing Cultural Diversity (MGMT 263)
Provides students an opportunity to examine their own feelings, attitudes and behavior about people who are different from them, how these feelings could affect their ability to manage effectively in an increasingly diverse work environment.

Social and Political Implications of Information Technology (MGMT 290)
The rapid increase in technological advances has unanticipated consequences which have become issues of great import: privacy, taxation/regulation of the internet, censorship, misinformation, the ‘digital divide,’ community building. Currently there is emerging literature on these topics, much of which is unfamiliar to IT- focused managers. The class will provide an overview of these topics in order to help managers anticipate problems and develop solutions.

Managing Nonprofit Organizations (MGMT 262)
Designed for students interested in the management of nonprofit organizations. Examines similarities and differences between for-profit and nonprofit organizations, major management issues specifically associated with nonprofits, and exposes students to career opportunities to the nonprofit sector.

Privatization (MGMT 261)
Focuses on the transfer of government functions to the private sector. Special attention will be given to the philosophical, social, economic, and political implications of privatization for public and private sector managers and the consumers of "public" goods and services

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